• loyalchivette27

    Oh Berry how I love your Shirtless Fridays… Especially when you put boys in there like #6 and #8 and #16… My Friday is now complete.

  • PicklesMcGee

    hmm. #29 looks like he's about to beat me. not really feeling it :-p lol

  • Valerie

    put em on my wishlist!!!

  • alexis

    damn this guys so fine # 3 # 11 #29 #26 #23 #19

  • ATL11

    #22… Find HIM!
    Don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful man as that one!

  • socalmarti

    #24 and #29 Made my heart skip a beat!

  • Who he be?

    While fun to look at… I can't help but feel these guys would all be so boring in real life… Always at the gym or shaving their chest or NOT ordering fries with that… But fun to look at…

    • xoxo

      I feel exactly the same way. Their diets are so calculated. They probably only talk about carbs and protein and how much they lifted that day.

    • Mary

      I'm with you as well! I'd rather have a man with a little meat on his bones and chest hair-yum–give me real over gym guys any day:)

    • Lauren

      Amen y'all! I like fluffy men:) not huge but just somethin I can snuggle with. A man that's not afraid to eat like a man! BACON!!!!

    • mememe

      hell yes! thank goodness i am not the only one!

  • Chrissy

    #4 the smile, makes me smile:)

    #23 ok, ok you can come home with me

  • nicki

    #29–Mr. Grey? yes please…..

    • Natasha

      Agree!!! Find him!!!

    • Kar

      My thoughts exactly

  • Werney

    #4 that smile…. sigh

  • Me2

    #25 is gorgeous

  • Erika

    #29 God bless America !

  • Laney

    #29ā¤ gaahhhh! Pure sexiness!

  • Kristen

    This is one of the reasons I love Friday! Yum #11

  • Chivette_Chae

    #16 I'll be thinking of him later. Yum.

  • Megz1207

    Iā¤ shirtless Fridays!! And "the berry" is awesome!!!

  • Chivette

    #24, I feel like I'm probably right in guessing that the majority of your bulk is all above that towel, and that you could probably switch it out for a facecloth, and achieve the same level of coverage lol

  • Steph

    #17 is Matt Cook who is a male model

  • MontanaGirl76

    Dear #29 ,
    I've been VERY bad!

  • kateann_11

    #12 and #24 Can you say paradise?! Hell yeah!:)

  • samanthalin88

    #8 2 words….dat ass.šŸ˜‰

  • Jules

    #29 Holy shit, someone is fixin to get an ass whoopin. And for some this would be great. I've already got a daddy though, don't need another

  • Shay

    #25!!! Oh my, oh my!!! MOAR plz:)

  • WisGal_KCCO

    Finally.. a REAL man with chest hair! Yum.:) #23

  • ange


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