• http://twitter.com/jenhanlon16 @jenhanlon16

    #30 Come to Pittsburgh, there's plenty of cute single girls here!!:)

  • nadine

    #30 how in the world can such a sexy human be single
    much love from south america, suriname
    u is internationally wanted :p
    #40 too cool 4 words

  • maria

    #22 It makes me smile big every time I see the boys on here. Moar please!

  • Tattooed_Belle2


    HONEY, we can surf together anytime. Come on to the east coast.

    • captain america

      HONEY, I'm the poor sap in the pic, and I live on the outer banks(is that east coast enough?)

      • Tattooed_Belle2

        Yessir – considering that's where I spend a majority of my time. You are awfully handsome.:)

        • captain america

          haha well thank you very much, you are too kind! I'd love to give you my number but I dont want to put it on here…how can i contact you?

          • Tattooed_Belle2

            Haha well how am I supposed to know it's REALLY you?

            You can find me on Twitter if you have it! @elanlloyd

  • Emily

    #40 Hmmm…. *wiggle*
    #2 So many LOLs
    #31 This baffles me…

  • Amanda

    #30 call me maybe? 616-350-2801

  • Erika

    I could just marry you❤😉

  • shannon lee

    #30, go ahead and direct him to me… I'll take away alllll that single pain!😉

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