• http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

    #30 I just can't gather how you're single..

    • Anon

      Maybe he's a jerk or really dumb?

  • Kathy

    #30, I am moving to California this year, I would love someone to teach me to surf! B)

  • Novalee

    #30 What a coincidence…me too

  • ntm99

    #30… how are you single?!?! NOT possible!

    • katastrophe89

      Very possible. You can be the hottest person in the world but have all KINDS of psychological problems that drive people away. Not that I'm saying this guys is a psycho or anything!😉

  • Ashley

    #30 Are you sure you aren't single by choice?

  • Karla

    I love #40

    • katastrophe89

      Those guys WOULD right? Lol

  • Jay

    #24 the lost live of my life? Probably

  • Jackie

    #30 I will take one! Please and thank you!

  • jesca84

    #22 more please. Can never get enough of my two fav boys!

  • Lauren

    #19 cracked me up!

  • Kara

    #30 Well well well so am I.. Time to fix this shiznit… You know, for the team and stuff😉 Yumm

  • Lindsey

    #30 … Then someone had to be painfully stupid. Direct flights from CA to Dallas. Look this painfully single girl up! Lindsey Lockhart

  • Shraven

    #30 how is that possible? Asks the happily married woman.
    Pretty sure this species didn't exist when I was looking.

    • AmenSista

      No shit, eh!

  • Rachel :)

    #30 I too am painfully single!! Berry Me?!

  • Puddin

    #9 What is it?

  • VC98

    #7 Yup, every year lol

    • Not Me

      January 2nd

  • Katie

    How on earth is a gorgeous man like you single?!?! Wow. #30

  • Gina

    #30 gorggggggggeous

  • CanadianChivette

    #30 I so badly wanna make the "because somewhere, some woman is sick of his shit" joke.. But you're just too damn sexy! You won't be single long. May have some stalkers. But you won't be single lol

  • BrittMM

    I can understand why #30 is single if he lives in Cali… the dating scene is hard here! No one wants to grow up….

    <3, San Diego Berry!

    • katastrophe89

      Are you saying everyone from California is childish?

  • Meg

    #30 is every woman you meet blind?!

  • Kristen

    #30 Don't break our hearts! No way you're single.
    #24 Yes please.

  • Starr

    No effing way #30 is single. If he is, I will not rest my cyberstalking til he is mine.

  • MontanaGirl76

    #8 love the rhodie!
    #30 pardon me but may want to check if your ego is in balance I mean your hot but are you a dick? Overlooking women who may be awesome but aren't Cali pretty!

  • Becki

    #30 – Looks arent everything but they can make up for a lot of things. I'm thinking maybe you're too picky or have a shitty personality – because pretty is as pretty does. You're pretty on the outside, but how about your inside?

    • MontanaGirl76

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this!

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