• Rose3191

    #30 No WAY you should be single!!!!!!!!!!

  • aaa

    MOAR #24

  • Missy

    #30 not possible… And yummmmmm

  • Cindi

    #30 that cant be true?!?!?! I am painfully single also…in Iowa. :0/

  • Minty

    #30 it is entirely possible to be single even if you're good looking! But thank you for the eye candy! I'm single too but it's by choice! Love my life!

  • Tomb_Raider

    #30, ok what did you do to piss her off? You're good looking but something is off:)

  • Nicole

    #30 mmm delicious

  • runtheworld

    #30. Yes Please!

  • Emily

    #30 dont you worry! You are so so beautiful!! xoxo the ladies of the berry love you!!

  • Sammie

    #30 super hotty!! You'll fine someone who makes everyday sunshiny and lovely! Wish I could find someone too.:)
    #40 greatest. thing. I. have. ever. seen. and HILARIOUS!!!!!

  • peppermintx

    #30 gorgeous but whats underneath that chiseled exterior??
    Love from san diego

  • ATLchivette

    #30 needs a southern girl to treat him right and perhaps put his ass I check when needed:)

  • Amanda

    #8 nothing better than a handsome man with a handsome dog. Of course I might be just a bit biased…

  • katastrophe89

    Omg #15 is so cute I must have it!
    And #40 made me laugh so hard. I love those guys! And I love how they're holding each other ever so gently haha

  • Lenore

    Hes just pretend…

  • Andrea_9

    #30 You're lying…. Only explanation I can think of.❤

  • Megan

    #30 if you ever want to try the surf in Hawaii let me know!

  • Drew


    How do we know he's looking for a woman? He's fabulous!

  • http://twitter.com/irishvetstudent @irishvetstudent

    #30 you are insanely hot… I bet you can find what you're looking for if you start looking in the right places
    #40 I love you…

  • CassieWyrick

    #5, #7, #19, #20 YES

  • kait

    #15 Aww I want that!

  • hisela

    #30 dear god …you are gorg

  • yvette

    #30 – look outside your norm and maybe you'll meet someone totally stellar

  • Jesa

    #30, Just have some fun, find what makes you happy and do it often. The right person will come along before long! Good luck!

  • Jessi

    #30 Maybe there is a tiny reason the pictures stops above the waistline?😛 JK!

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