• Say cheese

    Damn! Eric Cook can be a HMOTB… if he'll smile! Looking good

  • MNExpat

    #6, first of all, congrats on kickin cancer's ass! That in and of itself gets you a spot on the DM, in my book.
    Second, who wants to be skinny? Be healthy. After the hell your body and mind has been through, that's all you need to be. Be the best you. Not everybody is meant to be a waif. Some of us are always going to look a little more like Marilyn Monroe than Kate Moss.:) Embrace it!

    • Claire


  • Lauren.

    #22… I like!

  • Bobby

    Terrible advice. There is no such thing as "faster results". Each body has its own speed at which it gets in shape, loses fat, gains muscle, etc. At some point, diminishing returns sets in, and working harder actually gets you slower results.

    Work hard every time, on a consistent basis. Then it will feel like you are getting "faster results".

    • John80

      You're completely wrong. No such thing as faster results? If i walk half a mile a day, and then start running 2 miles I won't get the results I want faster??? If diminishing returns have set in, you need to change your workout routine. You clearly have no clue what you're speaking of.

      • Bobby


        Why stop at 2 miles a day? If the results are not fast enough why not run 10 miles a day?

        I said "at some point". Do you know what that means, genius? That doesn't mean the transition from getting off the couch to walking a half mile to running 2 miles. That means that "at some point" working harder does not provide any benefit. Ever hear of over training, douchebag? Look it up! I know exactly what I'm talking about and I guarantee that at 44, I can run circles around you, punk!

  • Megan

    #10 Smile, please! You'll be 10x hotter:-)

    • Lis

      My thoughts EXACTLY!!! Only I was going to suggest 100X:)

    • Eric Cook

      Thanks, I'll work on it.

  • socalmarti

    #1 and #5 Awesome Moms are awesome!!!

  • Anne

    The grammar nazi in me cringes at #14 but the message is cute!

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  • Emily

    #6 Somehow I knew you were British when I first started reading your post😛 You are such an inspiration, and nothing beats a positive attitude! Go go gooooo!

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