• MHubach

    These are all so beautiful, especially #5. 6, and 20. But that tiger skin in #32 is beyond disturbing. Even if it turns out to be fake, it's disturbing.

  • mari

    #33 nice kitchen
    #13 not feeling this. looks more like a contemporary gallery or firm than a home

  • xoxo

    #21 love this. some of us are sunaphobes. I work on my pale like others work on their tans.

  • Mari

    #19 like that sink
    #25 very nice twist on the french door style

  • http://cissyandsandra.com/Conroe.html Albert Rothstein

    Those parts would make for quite the house. It'd probably be a relatively big piece of property though considering the sheer number of rooms and decor you want to put in.

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