Coupla things I’ve been craving (30 photos + recipes)

Click HERE for some boozy-food + recipes!

  • Crush

    you had me at #6….wow, that looks so fucking good.

  • mari

    and I had to read this during my lunch!

  • mazzie

    i am officially hungry for all of it now!!!

  • Erin

    Um… when I click the link for the buffalo chicken beer cheese dip it just brings me to the cake batter martini😦

  • Jenny

    i just popped a bag of popcorn to try and make up for everything I just saw. **FAIL**

  • LGG

    of course I'm hungry now…

    and PS: would love it if there were more vegetarian/ vegan dishes in your posts:)

  • Heather

    The link for pulled pork potato skins goes to hot dog egg rolls…boooo!!

  • Laney

    Gaahhhh! Every single thing looks INCREIBLE! I'm supposed to be on a diet! So much for that… Haha xD

  • Sonia

    What happened to the healthy food posts?! We're giving up on our new year's resolutions already?

  • Sarah

    I NEED a recipe for #5…. mmmmmmm

  • mel

    #23 looks delicious but OMG why is it pouring over the sides?!

  • Alessandrae

    Am I the only one that read #17 with a chanting voice?
    Gotta love the Barnacle😀

  • Zuul

    This is the best kind of torture…well second best ;P

  • Vic

    Now im just hungry

  • aneesh

    First of all Happy New Year !
    It was really a fantastic collection of pics and recipes. Really Awesome blog. Your blog is very useful to us.Thanks for this.. Hope to see more like this in future.

  • Michele

    This is the first food post where every. single. thing. looked amazing! Just had to bookmark the whole page rather than the 20-something individual recipes (:

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