• MontanaGirl76

    #25 because something's are just prettier in pink! Bottom line!

    • ItsBecauseOf

      Bacteria. How Pretty!

  • Bela Rezmuves

    #24 Can't wait to get home and show my daughter, she made it !:-)

    • Lauren.

      So awesome of her! What a caring heart (:

    • JMSNipomo

      She is a rockstar!!

    • Guest

      You're obviously doing something very right. What a sweet, beautiful little girl!

    • Bela Rezmuves

      Thanks all of you again:-)

    • Kathy

      Great thing she did

  • alex

    #25 Dissolved flamingos…

    • foo

      niki minaj swam in there once

      • foo

        i just google mapped it and its brown

  • Not Me

    #27 WTF and what places rounds the bill to the closest nickel ??

    • Bobby

      Places that have no pennies

    • mrshelderman

      Yeah I was way more interested in the rounding than the hipster writing!

  • Ashley

    #27 Cute, but why is it written on a receipt?

  • emmylou


  • Amy

    #20 aw is that cute, I won't let you down firefox!

    • kait

      Same here! =)

  • Lauren.

    #7 … I most certainly agree!
    #18 …. yes please.

  • Katie

    #21 Ugh… drives me NUTS!! I have a friend that does this on ALL her instagram pics. She even hashtags the number of likes she gets on a picture.. like "#5likes #10likes" ANNOYING!

    • xoxo

      Even worse when they do it on Facebook where it literally means "annoying to read" and that's all.

  • amber_elisabeth

    Love when Cam makes the Berry!! :)

  • justlilolme

    #32 where is this?

    • hularious

      Hong Kong

  • Rachel

    #13 Melt is single handedly the greatest restaurant I have ever been to. Not all of their sandwiches look like this though! But it's all so yummy!!

  • Tomb_Raider

    #3, everyday

  • April C

    #30 I laughed so hard.

  • LGG

    I LOVE #35:):):)

  • Kristin

    Please…. PLEASE find #18

    • rly

      I'm guessing you don't have twitter…

  • Mari

    #20 well, sorry kiddo but you freeze so often, it's just not the same anymore…

  • 2percenter

    #24 YOU ROCK LIL ONE !!!!!

  • MNExpat

    Has something happened to all the women of the world? Why has no one commented/drooled about #31?? Although, I suppose that just means more for me, so, never mind.:)

  • Alex

    #37 I believe this is the used bookstore in Salem, MA

  • Nicole

    #18 #39 MOAR PLZ

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