Fancy grilled cheese, please! (25 photos + recipes)

Click HERE for a grilled cheese breakdown!

  • Amy


  • Daris

    Sweet baby J. I'm going to make every sandwich on this page. At which point I will never be able to use the bathroom again. Worth it.

    • Gloria

      LOL! I was thinking the same thing! ^^

  • socalmarti

    I'll take one of each please!!!😀 Yummy!

  • PicklesMcGee

    How the FUCK am I supposed to stick to my diet while looking at #5?! Ugh. Cheese. You are my weakness.

  • artemasgleason

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  • XoxoErica

    These look yum… but I'm a fan of the "good ole" traditional grilled cheese.
    Bread+Butter+Cheese. Mmmm.

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