• zillyzallie

    #30 Smart, car.

    • Emily

      I see what you did thar.

  • berrygirl

    #17 All the time!

  • Keith

    #26 Blegh. He was almost enough to ruin Les Mis with his Kermit the Frog voice and face that isn't much better. I though Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried would be the distraction, but no, it was this guy.

    • katie

      Are you kidding? He was amazing and lot of people have said his performance was Oscar worthy.

    • Oli

      It smells like envy, duuude.

      • Keith

        If he sang like Matthew from Muse and looked like Chris Hemsworth, then I would be envious. As it is, I think I'm cuter and I'm not pursuing a singing career on film, so I have nothing to envy here. 😉

    • Jules

      I agree, man. I don't understand why those hollywood assholes are trying sooo hard to make this guy happen. He is not hot. Not just unattractive but repulsive. Casting him in Les Miserables was like a slap in the face to the character he was supposed to be playing because he was supposed to be a suave parisian up and comer. The french don't tend to be gingers. Just. UUghh!

      • MHLMberry

        I thought he was excellent In: my week with Marilyn

    • Elle


  • Kristina

    #21 isn't that Emma Roberts as a kid?

    • MeepMeep

      From watching Blow, I see it.

    • Caitie

      Ya it is emma Roberts she's even posted that picture before on her twitter

  • fdfs

    #25 i don't get it?
    but those chips are gross

    • katie

      les miserables…? and no way they're so good!

    • dkellyb

      Congrats, you speak French😉

  • Purdey

    #26 YAY Eddie Redmayne! YUM.

  • http://twitter.com/BMignaco @BMignaco

    #16 #31 LOL!

    #23 thank you Megan!😉

  • xoxo

    #40 younger buffer Jason Priestley

  • PeyKonzloas
  • Not Me

    #19 Prevents Tingly Fingers

  • PicklesMcGee

    Eff kids, I want one! #11

  • Katie

    #10 At first I thought "how cute!" Until I got to the creepy lizard cucumber.. then I thought "no, that's gross.."

  • Sally Marie

    #13 Starkid makes the Berry!!!

  • betsy

    #34 so true. And Sad.

    I've been out and watch all kinds of pretty ladies look at thier phone instead of the single guys around them. Bet they were online complaining they are single.

    • dkellyb

      I see both guys and girls do that way too often… It's also not at all appreciated when you try to start an actual conversation either. Guess phones are more interesting than real people (or I'm just really boring)

  • Oriana

    #4 Aaron Tveit❤ Such an amazing voice!!!

    • Paige

      met him in a bar in queens the week before he left to film le miz, never did call me for that dinner date…

  • MontanaGirl76

    #35 awesome.

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #39 ! classic!

  • rara

    holy moly #33

  • sarah

    #17 ohhh degrassi❤!

  • Deelja

    #13 TEAM STARKID !!! best berry break ever

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