• Belyse

    Tell me again why the apocalypse DID NOT happen????

    • MeepMeep

      Redemption…a lot of people need some.

  • October12

    I don't get #12? Someone help please!

    • Not Me

      Well, umm It is a tent called Fully Erect and the guy there, he looks like he is , umm… I'm not sure what it means either.

      • Sarah

        Lol you funny.

  • verdant_waves

    I hope the ER was called in advance for #8…

  • Emily


  • Sarah

    #15 & #19 – So close…

  • PicklesMcGee

    #19. oh Jesus… *hangs head in shame for the future of America*

  • Jehnny

    Man can she stand on those tiny legs? #15

  • http://www.kaj-moden.de/c/abendkleider-online-shop klaop

    hahahaha thats awesome!!😀 thanks for the collection!

  • Sonia

    What's wrong with #2? Breastfeeding is great for your children. Obviously, you're going to want to stop by a certain age, but it's still helping them years later because it's proven that children who breastfed are smarter that children who didn't.

    • DRD

      Wording. It's worded very poorly.

  • Tomb_Raider

    This whole thread makes me sad.

  • Bonnie Thor

    Thanks for reminding me that I am not an idot

    • Bonnie Thor

      and I fail LOL

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