• mim

    God I love those! thanks Berry

  • Ryana

    me too… makes me feel a little better knowing I'm not the only one with a broken heart

  • emm

    #5 …. sigh*

    • ellie_d

      so true!

  • socalmarti

    #26 Forever alone! Awwww…😦

  • Christine L

    Thanks I really needed this. I feel a lot better now

  • mrshelderman

    You are hanging out with the wrong couples #27. Boring couples are the ones who have no interests outside of each other. Or maybe couples are boring to single people. I know my single friends escapades sure do get old to me.

    • Gabby

      Most couples tend to only do things that only involve each other… thus the boring-ness. Can't have a GNO without at least one of the girls holding back or distracted because of her sig. other. Same can be said about guys. Singles and couples just have different interpretations of "fun."

      • mrshelderman

        Yeah that's kinda crap. My husband and I spend equal amounts of time doing couple stuff and friend stuff. Last weekend he went out and played in a pool tournament and I spent the night reading and taking a bubble bath.. He called once when he was outside, and that was it. I go to have wine with my friends and don't have to "check in". If you're friends are distracted by keeping track of their significant others, or being kept track of, that's a sign of a strained relationship, not a boring friend. I had so many interests when I got married and I married a man who encouraged that. Also I'm still beer pong champion in my house. That's not so boring.

        • ThigWife

          I could not have said it better. Congrats! Mine went on a hunting trip this week. I get to be on theberry all I want and watch my bad shows without him laughing at me. Yet, no matter what he says he is into project runway. He has picked the winner for the last four season. He is my bestie and my love. All my singles wish they had someone like him….remember bar hopping gets old!

          • mrshelderman

            My husband watches Big Brother with me. He pouted at first, but now we will have full on debates about who is going to win and strategies. And when you single people find the one person who is charming and funny and even your single girlfriends like to be around, and can do these silly marriage things with you. Well you will know how un-boring coupledom is!

    • jOb

      Boring couples are people who sit and watch TV when you come to visit them. =/

  • Muru

    Wish #13 wasn't true and that I'd have the strength to #3.

    Also, how sad is writing like that, uhh.

  • Guest

    #1 ..it took me about 10 minutes to figure out what they spelled^^…haha i literally turned my head to the left and right and even upside down in order to find out =)

    • ssss9999

      Same here. I could tell the first word was life, but it took a while to get the rest.

  • Jawbone

    Buncha whiny fucking broads here.

    • DRD

      This is theberry, not thechive

  • Sade

    #7 Hahahaa!!

    #29 Aww!
    So this was awesome ^_^

  • Meghan

    Ah! I can relate to most of these! But my favorite is 16 because I even moved to Calgary for him and when I told him I wasn't happy and I was going home, the only thing he said to me was 'I'll miss you, and I love you, but I'm not going with you"….. Would of been nice if he asked me to stay and work things out considering we were together for 6 years!

    Luckily, I can also relate to #14 as I am now dating an amazing guy who loves me and finds the need to tell me every single day. Everyone deserves this kind of love, and it is out there!

  • Coribeth

    #2 In my opinion, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else

    • foo


    • KCCO in YYC

      this is true… although it seems to be a temporary fix : |

  • Doop

    i am in one huge relationship mess right now… i feel nothing whatsoever for him after 2.5 years, it's all just gone and i can no longer picture us together in the future… of course he still loves me but i can't carry on a relationship if it's one sided… what if i never feel anything for him ever again and i've wasted my life dragging out a relationship that may be over… but if i finish it am i giving up too easily… urgh, this sucks😦

    • jOb

      it will never get better and pretending is only lying to yourself. trust me😉

      • Doop

        Well that's what I thought… I've given guys many chances in the past and I know they never change, or they do for a while but it's only to get you back and once they do the problems re appear… I'm letting it carry on for another few months when the contract on the place we're renting runs out and if I still feel nothing and we've tried therapy and other ways of working it out then I guess it's safe to say it's over…

        • once

          I've been there. i am now out of that relationship. i got to a point where I knew enough was enough. i know i made the right call.

  • carm

    I REALLY needed this today. Thank you.

  • PicklesMcGee

    Is #24 supposed to be like the Rihanna song? Cause its "fell in love" not "found love" and for some reason that's annoying me :-p

    • 1234

      actually, the lyric is "we found love…"

      • PicklesMcGee

        Omg you're right! It def sounds like she's saying "fell in" though. So I've always thought that's what it was :-p

  • Hola

    Needed this one #20. Thanks Berry!

  • D/Peru

    Even thought i still think of her comments like this make me move forward daily.

  • DRD

    #18 If you think in terms of revenge, you always lose.

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