• _Bryan_

    #3. 5K after a couple of months, awesome job!!
    #9. This will be handy to know.

  • Ender

    Running IS a privilege! My fiance ran a marathon not long before a snowboarding accident took her ability to use her legs and core. She still kicks more ass than most able bodied people I know – and I have no reason for excuses when it's time to do sprintervals. Do NOT take your ability to run for granted, USE IT!:-)

  • Sarah

    #17 what an inspiration!!!

    • gina

      girl, you got hot!

  • mrshelderman

    I'm the girl in purple in #12. Butt crack hanging out, hair a mess, not doing the pose right. But I'm trying damn it!!!

    • B'ham Chiver

      Keep it up, who cares what you look like…

      • mrshelderman

        I practice at home. So my husband quite enjoys watching me struggle and fall over. And I'm sure he doesn't mind looking at my butt in my Chivette Yoga pants either.

  • Alison

    #17 amazing job!! you look beautiful! (you did before too:)

  • Kirstie

    #17 wow! You look amazing! Congrats!

  • Belle90

    #17 you look amazing! congrats on all your hard work!

  • LGG

    awesome #22!

  • Katie

    Another great motivating post, Berry! Too bad I'm at work and really can't exercise until later.. I really should start looking at these post *right* before I work out! haha!:)

  • Ahsoki

    Replace some of the mild with Activa low fat yogurt, it adds flavor and good gut bacteria. I tried vanilla but flavored yogurt would add even more.

  • Gabby

    #17 you look great! Love the dress! Hoping you can tell me where you got it!?

    • Rach

      I'm pretty sure is a one piece tog set and a skirt =)

  • Rachel :)

    #13 I will remember this tonight when I have my gym fix:)

  • lovely_lemon

    i LOVE #4 im stealing this idea. thanks!:)

  • Amy

    #22 #17 People who are out of shape are just all smoking hot hotties underneath!!
    exercise + whole food + DEDICATION = SEXY

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  • CalleyAnnaBanana

    #3 Elissa you made the berry!!

  • Amy

    #4 Nice… I especially like your Barney Stinson quote =)

  • Savannah

    #17 Inspiration! Makes it seem possible:)

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