Get your DIY fix (13 photos)

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  • LGG

    #13 first I was like – diy baby?😉
    then I was like- nice swing:)

    • Ashwee

      I thought the same about a DIY infant….then I got to wondering where the turkey baster was.

      • LGG

        uhm- what does a turkey baster have to do with it? (sorry, English is not my first language…)

        • Anna

          to insert sperm without a man. Therefore doing it yourself. DIY baby!

          • LGG

            oh- thanks… interesting. *can't get picture out of my head* 😉

  • Minty

    #10 is a great idea!!! Must do! I'll let you know if I nailed it!

  • B11

    Looks neat but I'm not so sure a candle holder made of wood is such a great idea.

    • B11


  • mrshelderman

    This is a really fun post. I love being able to tell people I made the cool stuff in my house.

  • PicklesMcGee

    As someone who often has a camera around her neck, I can say that even with my padded strap, by the end of the day my neck is often killing me. Now switch that nice padded strap to a CHAIN? That would be torture! #1 is quite possibly the most illogical and stupid idea I've ever heard of. Just sayin. :-p

  • Cait

    #9 Yessssss, my next DIY project, love it!

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