How do you like your pancakes? (30 photos + recipes)

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  • luvcake


  • luvcake

    Second! Now… "organic"? "flourless"? "sugar-free"? WTF… they're pancakes! Someone get me a #23 and a #29 stat god dammit!

    • Tomb_Raider

      Haha you're awesome!

  • thewindykitchen

    thank you for featuring my pancakes, I am honored😉

  • fdfs

    #20 mm looks nice and crispy

  • townyvilche

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  • Moseph

    Thank you for posting some flourless and gluten free recipes! Going gluten free can be really tough, and as a former bread LUSTER, I really, REALLY miss things like this.

  • Candy

    I made #29 as soon as I saw I had all the ingredients. I'd give them a 7/10. Really good:)

  • My Little Gourmet

    Thanks for including my blueberry lemon pancakes and double thanks for giving me all of these new pancakes to try! Happy New Year to you!
    xo Laura

  • Theresia

    MFPT… Motha Fukkin' Pancake Time.. Celebrated every payday by some co-workers and I. This is magic Berry Girls!

  • ChivetteB

    Thank you so much for including gluten free recipes! My doctor just told me I had to go gluten free due to some ongoing health issues and I was in mourning of my pancakes. Now I can have my pancakes and eat them too.

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  • preppyandfunny

    Hmmm… this post is so delicious! Just made me super hungry! I want pancakes now! :p

  • Lauren

    Thank you for featuring my Apple Dumpling Pancake recipe!:-)

  • Amanda

    Thank you for featuring my chocolate chip and cranberry ricotta pancakes from High Heels to Hot Wheels!!! Quite an honor!!

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