• thepostcollegeblog

    I'm dying. All over the place. Excitement. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT. #5

  • Ronn!e

    Cannot wait!!!

  • Grace

    the second hunger games movie looks like its taking place in outer space lol

  • mrshelderman

    A side of Smosh with my Berry this morning?

  • Emily

    Oh my gosh. I can't freaking wait!! This is the best start to my day…I think its time to read the books again!

  • Kisxxoo

    So excited!!!!!!!!!!

  • ann

    Ahhh I,m so excited!!! But am I the only one that thinks president snow & prim look so much different? Actually everyone does.. I feel like this will be a lot different than the first one. maybe because there's a different director this time so that may be why.. IM STILL SUPER EXCITED THOUGH GAAAAAH!

    • Interestedfan

      That person with her mother isn't Prim, I'm pretty sure it's Madge.

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