• Novalee531


    Uhhh the one on the right please

    • Marlies

      I would like the one on the left…

    • Michelle

      Took the words outta my mouth. Hngggggg.

      • Chivette

        I would like one of each!

  • B. Davs

    #19 hubba hubba

  • Sean

    #12 Those are backwards….. God you make me feel old for knowing…. hippies have long hair, punks have mowhawks, if they are calling each other names….. Jesus, you had ONE job…..

    • mrshelderman

      I think they are labels. Brooms can't talk.

      • Corn

        Brooms also can't have stereotypes. They have not personalities.

        • MrsBuck

          The line to it makes it look like speech…threw me too:/ if there was no line it would just be a label and it'd look right.

          • LGG

            maybe they are talking and just introducing themselves:)

            • 2thumbsup


  • mrshelderman

    So I hope the lady in #18 has good breath. That looks awful!

  • guest

    #19 one of each, please. any place, any time. sweet baby jesus, those two are DELICIOUS.

  • socalmarti

    #7 LOL!

  • Lasotras

    OMG #19 …wants….wants so hard!

  • Nic

    Harry – godfather dies
    Hermione – makes her parents forget she exists
    Ron – brother dies

    If they were smiling, they'd be sick sick people

    • Mon

      Exactly. You wouldn't be smiling either if you had the world's darkest, most dangerous wizard trying to kill you every two freaking seconds.
      ❤ HP❤

    • celkali

      Most depressing thing I have read all week. No, seriously.

      • Anna

        I take it you don't read the news

  • Lindsey

    Great break today, ladies!!

  • tay_88

    #19 OMFGODDDDD!!! they are so hot!!

  • _alexa_

    #19 MOAR! They're both incredibly good looking!

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #36 haha pretty much

  • mama merce

    #25 so funny

  • Heh?

    #27 just me, or does it look like his left leg ends at the knee? Yet there are two shoes…

    • Anna

      no, you just cant see his other foot

  • VC98

    #27 Oh my! I stared at this one for a good 5 minutes #36 LOL

  • LGG

    awesome post:) thank you!

  • xsurruhx

    #3 haha #22 romy and michele! i love this movie #28 yes. just yes.

  • Anna

    #33 Wow! That is hilarious! so, hellooooo steve….:)

  • JessFisc

    #19 find them please!!

  • http://www.poshmark.com/closet/layali mrs.berry

    #19 MORE! please find them and recycle this pic. a lot: shirtless Friday and hmotb

  • TollBoooth

    #8 I hope they sprayed the couch after they left.

  • BobbyHill


  • Minty

    #13 I loved that show, so funny!

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