• rae

    Love and Irish man in a kilt

    • karen

      Kilts are a Scottish thing, not Irish.

      • Zuza

        Lol, kilts are worn by both Irish and Scottish, u might wanna also read what's written on the photo before "correcting".

  • socalmarti

    I like #32 #36 #39 aand #59!! Phew!! HMOTB! Yaaaay!!!😀

  • Polska

    #34 (L) #67 are my type (:

  • Anonymous

    Hiiiiiii #5 (:

  • Chantelle

    Sweet Baby Jesus, THANK YOU for such fine men!!
    Call me selfish, but I want ALL of you!!
    I'm Berry in love!

  • Polska

    #34 (L) #67 are my type (: Dark and handsome!

  • tee


    • Jen


    • Lilah

      Agreed! My favorite!😉

  • Mariah

    Hiiiiii #5 (:

  • KTmess

    #19 I'd like you to know that we stared into each others' eyes for, like, two full minutes. It was a lovely moment.

    • Jen

      those lips!!!

    • KyleGamgee

      Yeah, this one was my favorite too.

    • aciekay


  • dollybakerton

    #14 keep furry my friend!

  • http://Poshmark.com/closet/layali Mrs.berry

    #34 find him and more:)

  • Stacy

    #52 Is this the sand dunes in Cali? http://theberry.com/2013/01/11/afternoon-eye-cand

    • jgLouche11


  • Jessiicaaa

    #23 – I'm loving the wiener between his legs… ya know, the dog… look down! ;0)

  • aaa

    #33 Those eyes!!! I wouldnt mind waking up to those every morning

    • http://twitter.com/jolange2 @jolange2

      I scrolled down to that one and gasped! Hot hot hot!!

  • http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

    #70 I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we're going to need a lot more of that.

  • Tx State Chivette

    #37 is a little creepy.

  • Sota

    Ummm is #10 cross eyed?!

    • Sophie

      who cares.. he's freaking HAWTTT!!

    • Frone

      Think he is just looking at a close camera.

  • Chivette Swoon

    #49 THAT BACK! Definitely wouldn't mind running my fingers up and down that.. Ya know..

  • glady

    WOW, all so nice, keep them coming

  • Michele

    #33~ Those are some peepers I wouldn't mind getting lost in:)
    #36~ I literally LOL'd!
    #46~ Guys with long hair=my weakness!

    • Polska

      Love the long hair too.

  • Jubarules

    Please Please Please MOAR of #69!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/Mel_Fab @Mel_Fab

      Haha… 69😉

  • Casey

    Thank you so much for this!!!! I am a huge Chive fan but they need more guys on the Chive!!! KCCO!

  • MissVega84

    #3 I wish I could see your face a little closer😉 also, we just dub this "Men who are proud of their abs" jeeze

  • Alex

    #19 Super cute!

  • http://twitter.com/Mel_Fab @Mel_Fab

    #70 DIBS! That is all. Just DIBS!!!

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