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  • lewoo3

    #29 HELLO!! Scrolled back up to see him a few times!

    • System1

      RJ King :D

    • Bookworm04

      UH Yeah!! :D

    • Sarah

      I also did this. I'll take one please.

    • Laney

      Ha me too! Perfect smile :)

  • katastrophe89

    #11 is pretty funny lol

  • kitkat

    #19 – Hope the recovery and the operation goes well!

    • HotMomma

      That's my big girl. She is doing better today and is supposed to start walking.

      • kitkat

        that is such great news :)

  • VC98

    #19 Get better soon Alyssa

  • :-(


  • MontanaGirl76

    Yes Yes Yes!

  • PicklesMcGee

    #16 heh. thats pretty funny. :-)

  • kirah

    Hellooooooooooooo #10 and you are?

    * wishing you all the best!!!!! #19

    • amber_elisabeth

      #10 is Matt Forte from the Chicago Bears

      • kirah

        well hellooooooo Matt…lol thanks

  • Meg

    #19 Get better Alyssa! You've got some serious BerryLove coming at you!

  • Mimoboy

    #19 – Get well soon, little girl. My thoughts are with you.

  • emmylou

    #24: "Revenant " so he was dating an animated corpse or visible ghost? wut?

    • notfornothing1

      a person who returns, a person who returns as a spirit or a ghost- i think that the girl is symbolically returning to him in memory via the traces she left. very moving… LOL!

  • Jenna

    Does anyone notice the irony in the blog post source of #9?! beautiful recipe I grant you but to post it on a blog in memory of someone who died of a heart attack? seems a little heartless…. no? just me? okies.

  • Emma


    Please tell me that's a border collie! It's soo cute!!

    • Emma

      I mean #30

  • ScottishYankee

    Hang in there little one…much BerryLove

  • amber_elisabeth

    #10 ohhhh love seeing hot Chicago Bears on The Berry!! Matt Forte is adorable & super sweet!

    • B. Davs

      *high five* to Chicago (and the Bears!)

  • socalmarti

    #5 TMI!!!!!

    • Daris

      Too Many Informations.

  • kait

    #24 haha.. Sad that it is so true.. Damn Bobby pins always go missing..

  • emm

    #30 awww I want another one! Border Collies are the best <3

  • Laura

    #34 is adorable!

  • Tx State Chivette

    #29 MOAR

  • nattyann

    #29 I'll be your Lois Lane!

  • Lai

    #3 It's a beautiful house, but I just can't comprehend spending that much money on something. It seems like such a waste.

  • Nicole

    #32– Where is this???

  • Dan

    #31 Three assholes and one unknown.

  • circleofcreation

    #19- Good luck little berry! my thoughts are with you and your family. #30 and #36 are absolutely precious.

  • Oriana

    #34 Berry I'm loving the Aaron Tveit love!

  • Rachel

    Whooooo! That's my Man!! #17 ;)

  • Emnija

    #19 As a mother of two very small little ones, I can't imagine how terrified Alyssa's parents are. I hope that everything goes smoothly and quickly and that they can bring home their little one soon! My thoughts and good vibes are certainly with them. On a side note, that is one beautiful girl!

  • Tay88

    Wishing you and your little angel the best!!! Send positive thoughts and the universe will hear!!

  • Abbey

    #5 Eww that makes me wanna gag !

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