• Oriana

    #34 Berry I'm loving the Aaron Tveit love!

  • Rachel

    Whooooo! That's my Man!! #17😉

  • Emnija

    #19 As a mother of two very small little ones, I can't imagine how terrified Alyssa's parents are. I hope that everything goes smoothly and quickly and that they can bring home their little one soon! My thoughts and good vibes are certainly with them. On a side note, that is one beautiful girl!

  • Tay88

    Wishing you and your little angel the best!!! Send positive thoughts and the universe will hear!!

  • Abbey

    #5 Eww that makes me wanna gag !

  • Regina

    #19- Lovelovelovelove! Get well soon!!!

  • Ella

    Feel better!!

    Oh tiny lil Gavroche you adorable little boy. So cute!!

  • Kacey

    #18- Where is this??? SO cool!

  • Amy

    #29 Heart fluttered, ovaries jumped. MOAR PLEASE

  • JustSaying

    #38 Awwwww x3
    More Bunnies Please!!

  • Qtipper

    #5 Makes me want to vomit that these turds have a TV show and make $ for being crass, overweight, stupid, oh the list is endless.

  • TollBoooth

    #34 Whack set of genes. Erggggggggggggggggg

  • anothergirl

    where is #2???

  • WallyBets

    LOVE #1. Even better since he is trying to look glum through a smile. Made me smile big!

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