• Betty

    Just so somebody at TheBerry knows, every time I go to the home page, a new tab opens up with this link:

    I don't know if it's just me, but it's been happening for the past few days and it's terribly annoying…

    • Jenny

      Its been happening to me too! I felt like I had to buy shoes.

  • Bubble

    Great Googly Moogly!:) I look forward to this every friday and share it with my friends. I missed a Friday once and they made sure to remind me!

  • Cara

    #4 MOAR!! Pretty Please

    • Ginger

      Oh hello THIGHS! I'm the only one that loves big thighs on a guy!!?

      • dkellyb

        Oh no, you're definitely not :p I love to grab them too, the bigger they are the more there is for grabs😀

  • Angelica

    #19 & #28 = HOTNESS

  • Tasha

    #2 yum yum

  • Ginger

    While I admire the view of all these guys, it always makes me giggle when some of them try so hard for the camera!

    • tiborpickens

      #27 – MAKEUP? Really takes away from the fantasy, you know???

  • Lauren

    I'll take everything on the menu, please and thank you!:)

  • Valerie

    oh yeah # 12 mmmmmmmmoar

  • socalmarti

    #1 Are they handing these out when we get there ? Because really I'm not that far…😉

  • laney

    #14 that trail is near my house… *squeal*

    • dkellyb

      I think he just invited you to use his trail… Go for it! :p

  • Kristen

    I looove shirtless Friday! #12 could you come do that at my house??

  • heatharrgh

    #4 is just waiting for me to come sit in his lap.

  • me2

    #9 Umm- HELLO?! There is some peek-a-boo action going on there.. Does no one see Mr. Happy there? A poor job of trying to blur it out, but I'm pretty sure ….

    • danielle

      I think you're staring too hard lol:)

  • chivette91

    #9 can't… think… straight. he's… too… hot. brain… is… MELTING!

  • Kayla

    #15……more please!!!!! Hot damn!!

  • LadyHAHA

    Reblogged this on SHEDENS: Sausage Parties On the Daily and commented:
    Today, we’re letting TheBerry.com show us the shirtless goods! Enjoy!

  • baylee

    #2 holy crap. i think i fell in love. or lust. same difference.

  • Jessiicaaa

    #9 …yes, please! Just….a ….little…. lower

  • Michele

    Do want!

  • stuscott15

    #1,#13,#24,#29,#26 – these are my hottest favs in this order for this week – Number 1 is indeed number 1 – hot and sexy, with abs from heaven – love those nipples and overall look and smile for 13 which comes in runner up place – and the hairy chests fill out the other 3 places – all these guys are super hot!!! and yes you can call me maybe number 29!!!

  • alexis

    yummy i know what i want this year #6#9 #10 #23 #28 #18

  • Sassyj2017

    #8 …WOW

  • Anna

    #15 wow:)

  • rocklesson86

    Mummy can I please have #9 #19 #26 and #29. I have been a very good girl.

  • Alex

    Now THIS is what real men look like! -I just saw the shirtless Beib' post…. had to come look at something real haha😛

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