• Laurap1389

    #23 I love Pandora! 😄

  • Mon

    The perfect combo of cute & sexy #40

  • Minty

    #2 Stop the madness!! lol but funny!

  • HollaEllen

    #11 Bleccccccccccch Fugly thumb on magazine. Lost my lunch

  • hawkonawire

    Would #1 happen to be Nashville? That's a pretty wicked idea in any case.

    • Mammy

      I think it is. We have one of the most distinctive skylines because of the "Batman Building"… And it would be neat as a bar neon.:)

      • Hawkonawire

        And there are a bunch of great bars in Nashville to put it in!

  • Mammy

    Everybody else is like "Awe those mugs are cute" and I'm over here like "I wanna touch #13 in his naughty places."

  • CassieWyrick

    lol to #2, #11, and #32😀 And yummmm to #21 and #22!

  • Bailey

    #11 – the baby didn't weigh 44 lbs, she gained 44 lbs during her pregnancy. Wow, people need to use their common sense.

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