• Ginger

    #9 Those look like balls. Or was that the point?

    • stock194

      HAHAHA that is totally what I thought! Guess I'll go back to the Chive now…

    • Sean

      LOL that is awesome! Today, on theBERRY, no. Next week when they recycle if for theCHIVE yes, totally balls.

    • Katie

      I see where the term "tea-bagging" comes from..

      • hottimasprime

        Seriously, does 'tea bag' not mean that outside the U.K? No it does and if you get a tatoo of a teabag, make it look like a teabag!

        • JessieBelle

          Thank god…I thought I was the only one…

  • tee

    #37, does anyone know where I can find out how to do this?

  • Sean

    #39 WIthout my fiance I would be "forever alone" I swear. If I get text….. it is from her…

    • JESSE

      Unless that changes, you're not going to be married for long. Writing from a place of personal experience, get your own life.

  • stef

    #18 so cute!
    one perk of being from Saskatchewan is that it's easy to draw lol

  • emm

    #7 I'd like something else in the morning… if ya know what i mean😉

  • socalmarti

    #11 I swear stuff like this sucks the I.Q. points out of people at the check-out counter!

  • Jodi

    am I the only one who has never seen a washing machine in a kitchen before?

    • HollaEllen

      Stop using drugs. This had nothing to do with a washing machine in a kitchen.

  • Jodi

    Whoops! Make that #33 Washing machine in kitchen?

    • Sophie

      i think it's a british thing.. cause when I used to watch the super nanny, the british version, every family had their washing mashines and dryers in the kitchen..

      • :))

        yup, it's a european thing!

        • LGG

          not european- british😉 there IS a difference:)

  • skittles

    #9 LOL….yes balls!!

  • Just Saying

    I think it it a Euro thing to have the laundry machine in the kitchen. . .

  • Jason


    If a girl gets this text from her bf, she wouldn't think, "awe that's cute" she'd think "well who else is texting you?!?"

    Admit it girls

    • Anna

      oh Jason, don't be sad because you never have a girlfriend

    • she

      what kind of girls do you hang out with?

  • Sam

    #29 woo! Jimmy Tatro Ftw!

  • madison

    #18 did u draw those or get them created through somewhere? Such a cute idea i want to do it!!

    • Natalie

      I drew them myself with the help of a tape outline and free hand!

  • lara

    #31 hopefully that cat is declawed if not it's about to freak out!

    • Not Me

      Thanks for pointing out the cat

    • CassieWyrick

      Declawing cats is actually very painful, so hopefully it is NOT declawed.

  • Knybs

    #18 great idea, from another saskatchewanatonian

    • zillyzallie


    • Natalie


  • Jordana


    cute idea! great for you that Saskatchewan is so easy to draw! haha
    Kudos to you for being able to get all the little islands of B.C. on there though!

  • Chambo

    Only perk lol.

  • breezy

    #6 Aww good old SIU! Makes me proud to be a Saluki:)

  • seahag

    #18….. why doesn't anyone put the Queen Charlotte Islands when they draw BC on anything………….. Come on people….. those islands are hard to miss!

  • mama merce

    #5 poor car hope no one got hurt.

  • Megan

    #9 You can't tell me I'm the only one who thinks that tea bag looks like a nutsack.

    • Not Me

      Well now that you mentioned it

  • anne

    I'm sorry but #18 is from pinterest. it's been floating there for a looooong while.

  • sarah

    #3 ohhh Ben Barnes❤! loveeee him

  • hazel

    #39 is how i've been feeling lately and #11 is good to know im not the only one who thinks that

  • Cal

    #2 … Great pisstake x

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