What the bundt?! (30 photos + recipes)

Click HERE for more sweet recipes!

  • BrunetteBetty

    Mmm I just made a gluten free oreo chocolate bundt cake, but don't get to eat it til tomorrow night😦

  • jessica

    lol. #23

    I was scrolling kind of quickly and totally saw it as Chocolate POT Bundt cake. lol.

  • Audrey

    Was waiting for the pics from MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING:

    Ian's Mom: "Its a bundt."
    Maria: "Buuunnn…?"
    Ian's Mom: "Bundt–t–t"
    Maria: "Bunnnnnn……..t? Oh I know! Its a CAKE!"
    —walks away—
    Maria: "There is a hole in this cake."

  • mama merce

    Never owned a bundt pan but may have to het o.e after seeing these recipes. YUM

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