• Lyra

    Expedit, #3, rulers of the student world

  • Ginga


  • doerteee

    Those apartments are way bigger than my first apartment was.😀

  • xoxo

    I wish my tiny apt was as big as these "small spaces".

  • sydney

    if this is considered small space….well then my room is suitable for dwarfs!

  • sixdeadelves

    #10 weeds

  • christine

    A lot of these look really nice, but #23 would make me feel so claustrophobic! You have to crawl in and out from the foot of the bed…how awkward!

  • jillymcbean

    Reblogged this on jilly mcbean and commented:
    I don’t like reblogging, but I feel like this could be of use to a myriad of people. And I’ve had a lot of coffee today so everything seems like a good idea.😛

  • Maren

    #12 It's all fun and games until someone pushes your bed closed and you are trapped!

  • nicki

    #13–is that Ikea?

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