• socalmarti

    Future poster girl for Latisse!

  • mrshelderman

    Gosh that looks uncomfortable!

  • Shelby

    So ugly. & it's the same girl.

  • Liz Lemon


  • KzintiTx

    I think it's cute. I'm probably going to lose my eyelashes shortly as a result of chemo, and I would try some of these!

  • Samantha Kristal

    Totally creepy to me, but to each their own.. Wouldn't that drive you nuts too, being so heavy and protruding?

  • Jmkeizur

    I can't even get regular fake lashes glued to my lids right!

  • ina

    for the love of God, how does she blink!

  • Kitkatk8

    Yikes what happens when you sneeze? Ouch….

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