• someoldlady

    Like her style and music. Do not like what she did to her lips.

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  • Ari214

    I like her. I like her songs. I watched a video of her SNL performance and did not understand why the hell everyone was saying how awful she was. Because she just stood there? Well, have you heard the song? It's not really peppy.

  • Jess

    I adore Lana Del Rey. Her music is raspy and soulful and just gorgeous.

  • Anastasia

    Love the hair color in #5

  • xsurruhx

    definitely spoiled and fake, definitely an amazing musician. her image is why she is disliked, she was already a musician but had no following, had a hipster image makeover, and suddenly she's an indie star. unfortunately, that just shows you how important image is in the music industry.

  • Ivonne

    You can totally tell about the plastic surgery, her face is plastic! And soooooooooo OVERATED =/

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