• Becca

    #4 Beard!

  • inkstained

    #4 not invested in either way, but the beard makes you look like Merry Brandybuck, and beardlessness takes away lots of years from your appearance. Neither are necessarily bad!

  • mia

    #35 BerryLove and KCCO you rock girl!!! xxx

  • Grace

    #4 you look very handsome with or without a beard so I say: one side of your face beard, other side no beard!!

  • doerteee

    #4 beard, definitely. you're cute either way, but I prefer the beard😀
    #26 I know that feel.

  • kelliefagan

    #35 your determination made me cry! I have a chronic pain condition and understand (in some way!) how you feel. You are an absolute inspiration, thinking of you!! Keep strong! Love from an Irish berry xxx

  • miriah15

    #4 beard! God beards are hot

  • dollybakerton

    no one's ever cut themselves bearding..

  • Bruce

    Where is the location of #33 ?

  • sarah

    #35 stay strong girl! berry love all the way!

  • Jordana


    substitute slurpee and that was me!! haha typical Canadian thing!

  • Anonymous

    Stay strong your in all of our hearts!!!!!!♥

  • Steph

    #32 Woohoo! Edmonton, AB represent!!!

  • Skye

    #4 Beard! But you're goregous either way!

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