• Sarah

    I'm going in May. I couldn't be more excited!

    • Berry girl

      Me too! This post just made my day!

  • Lyra

    I live in Europe, so we went to Disneyland Paris #6 and I remember the Disneyland roadsigns from the back seat and then driving on the actual road leading up to the park, already you were in a different world!
    I still get excited seeing them, now!

  • socalmarti

    #14 Epcot is my favorite my Dad would take us once a year and every year we would eat at a diffirent restaurant from "around the world".

  • Samantha

    Anyone plan Disney Vacation packages they can't afford?! Sigh…someday…

  • katy


  • mrshelderman

    I went to Disney World for the first time when I was 28. I bought ears and acted like a kid. It was amazing.

  • Mel

    Going back in October for my 6th trip to WDW! It never gets old.

  • JB83


  • Magi More

    <img src="http://www.ladyoffice.com/new/images/rnnuy.jpg"/>hehe, believe it or not, i've never been to disneyland. Now that i'm no longer a kid, kinda don't wanna go anymore. <img src="http://www.ladyoffice.com/new/images/omg.jpg"/&gt;

    • Ashly

      Never, ever too old for Disney! The first time I went I was in 8th grade and the second time I was 20 and going there to work. I went to the parks every single day. I adore Disney World.

  • doe

    Could be a silly question, but is Disney World very different from Disneyland? (I've been to the ones in California and France and they're mostly the same, as far as I remember)

    • katie

      Disney World consists of 4 different parks: magic kingdom, epcot, hollywood studios, and animal kingdom. Magic Kingdom is very similar to Disneyland, but all the other parks are pretty different.

  • Christina:)

    I love Disney World! Want to go back soo bad…

  • katastrophe89

    Went there once:) *sigh* I love Disney anything. Can't wait till my daughter is old enough to go!!

  • Michele

    I've never been, now I'm sad ):

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus loves Disney, except Walt, he hated Jews. Jesus was a Jew.

  • Angina

    I just got back from there and it was amazing! Nothing makes me feel like a kid more than walking the streets of Disney! I am already trying to find money so I can plan another trip!

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