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Behind the cartoon character voices

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Megan Resig

Megan Resig is Head of theBERRY, loves to travel, embraces awkward moments, and appreciates anything that has to do female empowerment. She's a sucker for chick-flicks and isn't afraid to admit that her nickname was once meg-a-ton.

  • Amie

    Thanks for starting to post a Night Cap! I work nights and it's great to have an extra berry post later in the evening! I hope y'all keep posting them!

  • Bh4q

    Sweetest. Nightcap. Ever. Did make me feel old though!

  • Mani

    Funny how some of the cartoon characters look like the actors :D #2 #9 #17 #27

  • AstroMikeDexter

    Mistake in #36.. they're both pictures of Steve Buscemi.

    • Jackie

      Steve Buschemi was actually slightly offended that the animation looked like him! :)

  • Bobby

    Willem De FOE!

    If you a looking for a prize at the bottom, there is none. Only more cardboard.

  • Sarah

    I knew or wasn't surprised about almost all of these… except #13. WHAT!? SPOCK!

  • Jenny

    Love this post! Keep more like these coming!

  • mrshelderman

    #18 Rayo McQueen? Was this taken from a spanish site?

  • Court

    #11 Kevin Spacey is always the "Bad Guy" even in animated cartoons! lol

  • Elora

    umm Kurt Russel is the voice of "Copper" not "Toby"…..

  • diana

    As many times as I've seen the Lion King, I can't believe I didn't know Rowan Atkinson was Zazu.

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