• ssss9999

    #40 I think these pics got cut off. That's some really bad editing.

    • Lauren

      Made me giggle.

    • Smurfy

      LMAO I think that's the most up votes I've seen on here!

      But I agree!πŸ˜€

    • Not Me

      Proof that it is not the suit that makes the man. It is the man that makes the suit

  • lulu


  • Sonia

    #3 Please tell me this is a joke!!!! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO US, AMERICA?!

  • loyalchivette27

    Bwuahahah I'm laughing so hard at your response it's so hard to breathe.

  • mama merce

    #33 Was this taken on the 4th of July? Can't imagine anyone wearing those oufits for any other reason.

    • mrshelderman

      You must not live in the south.

  • socalmarti

    #34 #35 #40 All LOVE!!!

  • kate

    omg! #40 so in love! the nakedness..the suits!

  • kccoMN

    If any chivers are paying attention we need more regular hmotb pics like this! Models will do for now though:)

    • kccoMN


  • Amber

    I always laugh when people say they are short. Being 5' 2" makes anyone 5' 7" seem like a giant, lol.

    • TwinCitiesGirl

      Right? My boyfriend is literally a foot taller than me.

  • Mari

    #38 that is one of the cutest dogs ever!

    • ThigWife

      It almost does not look real…..I am still unsure…..so cute

    • Tim

      1 of them is cute, many of them is horrible. My mom has 6 mini red poodles between 10-20lbs, and they are absolute terrors. I dreaded going over to to her house house because of those damn dogs. Thankfully after telling her she has agreed that they go outside BEFORE I come over, and we have no issues now lol. Google red poodle puppy and prepare to awwwww.

  • Sarah

    #40 why tease like that :[

  • http://twitter.com/morosz3 @morosz3

    Pretending to be Batman has never been a wrong move

  • Linzzz

    #40 Who are these amazingly delicious men and where can i get one?!

  • katastrophe89

    #40 A tad lower please?

  • Apples

    #18, all these people are still 6 inches taller than me =/

  • Kyle

    #30 No you're not Aziz.
    No. You. Are. Not.

    • UnfunnyAzia

      Agreed. He's just not funny. Not. At. All. Not.

  • Kari

    #18 , my hubby too!
    #25 , we went thru Leavenworth, WA on our honeymoon too
    #29 , what we have:)❀

  • Emz

    Don't tease us like thatπŸ˜€
    #40 MOAR!!!

  • Samantha

    #18….yeah, I don't think Tom Cruise is even 5'7. Pretty sure he's like, 5'5. He's just a wee lil' guy! haha

  • carm

    #10 I wanna be friends with her. It seems like she would be hilarious!

  • who

    #9 more please!
    #18 – noooo- I'm taller Robert Downey Jr.?! darn.

  • Katie

    #40 is it bad that i like the suits better?

  • Sarah

    #40 – O.o

  • LGG

    wohoo! thanks berries!
    #9 is actually a friend of mine – he's super-sexy, sweet and a great singer, too! check out his music here:

  • Guest

    #18 These guys aren't all the same height

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