• Jules

    #26 Babylips is the first chapstick I've bought and used the entire tube before losing it. I love the stuff!!

    • Jess

      It doesn't feel grainy to you? Maybe it's just my lips =/

  • George Zip

    #12 #22 I keep a couple on my key ring in case my wife or daughter wind up needing one. Plus they help make my keys into an awesome ninja weapon! KAPOW!

    • verdant_waves

      Good husband/father right there.

    • Berrynewb

      Awe sweet man!!!

  • http://twitter.com/SavageMouse @SavageMouse

    #3 Of course, Tad's ultimate goal is to make HMOTB, but this is a good start.😀

    • pam

      Sad story..

  • Sweas

    I'm going to sound like a bitch, but I'm posting it anyway bc people are way too materialistic.
    Kudos to the chick in the WC for being the only person on here with a real answer.
    Life without all the other things is what I call luxury problems.
    With that said, I love The Berry & hope to inspire
    gratitude w/ my comment, not attitude.

    • Curly

      I could have been like #8 since I wouldn't dare leave the house with out my glasses since I have such horrible eye sight. Materialistic can be a fine line. Just a thought. Some of these go either way though, I agree.

    • LULU

      I don't think you should take these kinds of pots so seriously…it's meant to be fun. It’s not a testament to the kind of person you are in everyday life.

      • LULU

        *posts lol.

    • xoxo

      I feel like only #27 was materialistic. There were several about lip balm. How can Chapstick or water bottles be considered materialistic?

    • JenPen

      We should stop putting each other down because of what we may or may not think is important. Lift each other up!!
      Other people may seem materialistic, love them anyways. We are all fighting a tough battle and sometimes its the little things in our purse's or pockets that make us smile:)
      p.s. rock on @brueapilsner, i like your style:)

    • mrshelderman

      It's chapstick and koozies. What did you want us to say? Our souls and sense of well being? Out of curiosity what is your thing you can't leave home without.

  • Kasie

    Wow I made the berry #16

  • Jess

    #22 and #12… My Dad made our broken down van run again with the one I was wearing on my wrist. He's pretty much the bomb.

    • xoxo

      I think your dad is secretly MacGyver.

  • ThigWife


  • May

    #12 is me! Woohoo! I always need em since I work in the stock room.

  • Ronn!e

    Love this post! I think it should be a weekly thing (:

  • Megan

    #21 Pssssst…. this is not Chapstick.

    • xoxo

      Most people use the word "chapstick" the same way they use the word "kleenex" or "scotch tape" to mean same type of product regardless of the name.

      • JenPen

        xerox, band-aid, & Q-tip! Ha! Had to add some more cause I thought the same thing:)

        • Kristi

          Is the right word "lip balm"? or is there anything else?

  • JeepLady

    #26 love baby lips!:)

  • jess

    Sugar lip gloss is aaaaamazing! most lip things make my lips peel, but i got a couple of Sugars in New York last year and they really are fantastic!

  • Kate

    #17 that is such an awesome cup!!!! Can anyone tell me where I can get one?

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