Eat your greens (30 photos + recipes)

Click HERE for more healthy recipes!

  • socalmarti

    Oh man these all look so good, if only I didn't have to cook them myself!

  • Ashley

    This should have been titled, "Recipes With Kale."

  • Eisencrest

    I am loving the look of #13. Definitely going to hit that up this week.

  • Michelle

    Thank you! I know I need to get more leafy greens in and this post just solved my "what do I do with these?"

  • Justhrowit


    I love Kale. I made this last night. I had the olive oil a touch too hot. The carrots were fine, but when the cashews, raisins, and Kale went in, the cashews and raisins cook too darn fast. It's definitely added to the rotation, but lesson learned on the heat (smacks forehead).

  • Sonia

    I love this post! It's like getting back on track with new year's healthy eating resolutions!

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