Jim Carrey’s film evolution (34 photos)

Click HERE to see Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery evolution…. it’s a FAIL.

  • Castiel

    #10 is the first Ace Ventura, not the Mask.

  • melina

    #30 One of the most underrated dark comedies! Loved!

  • Erin

    Did this make anyone else feel old? #21 was 13 years ago?!

    • MadamGeeker

      I know right?!

  • katastrophe89

    Omg I CANNOT wait to see that last one:)

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #24 Great movie. The dude can act.

  • Alex

    you forgot a few movies…

  • Amber

    The feels! Love, love, love this movie!

  • Ginger

    #12 Everything important that I needed to know, I learned from this movie!

  • luckystar1121

    I just adore him!

  • http://twitter.com/kolby182 @kolby182

    #24 favorite movie ever made. #17 also one of my favorites.

  • Bradles

    Love him so much but i have one slight issue… I know sometimes actors need to branch out from a role they are known for (comedy in Jim's case) but I really could not get to grips with his role in 'I Love You Phillip Morris'… I don't mind Brokeback Mountain but seeing Jim acting gay was something I could not get used to and the film as a whole was weird…:) xx

  • Anny Miss

    No Mention of Rubberface?

  • Joanna

    love him! #17 #24 #29 are my favorites!

  • Jessica

    #24 is one of my all time favorites. I get emotional just seeing the pic. Looove it!

  • Ms_leiahsue

    #5 and #24 are such good movies!:)

  • http://xnys.blogspot.com/ Johnny Boy

    Jim Carrey is the best actor,

  • judy

    I really liked #22

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