Most memorable movie KISSING scenes (19 photos)

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  • Crystal

    #14 and #19!!! Love

  • Sarah

    #19 – Best one.

  • annanaannnaaaa

    #18- I used to wish I were her. Now… she can has those.

  • miles


  • Liz Lemon

    #18- LOVE that movie. Watched it on DVD just a few days ago.

  • MontanaGirl76


  • Lyra

    Ah but the kiss in the first movie is even better! #7

  • Abbey

    #2 Definitely my favorite movie kiss !

  • Mari

    love how you ended with #19

  • Jules

    #6 I wish I knew how to quit you…

  • who

    thanks for movie titles!
    and if you got #10 – how could you not post the kiss from cruel intentions- selma blair + sarah michelle gellar??

  • lilly10

    No love for the kiss at the end of Sixteen Candles? My 13-year-old self looooved Jake Ryan haha

    • ThigWife

      I agree Jake Ryan was a hottie!

  • socalmarti

    #10 Was a good movie and that scene was so hot I seriously contemplated becoming a lesbian.

  • Blair86

    Agree with most of these :)…but what about the Cruel Intentions kiss…Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar worked hard for that MTV Best Kiss Movie Award:)

  • Johnny Boy

    Can't forget Wild Things Scenes😀

  • Ci.A

    #16 & #19❤

  • Sonia

    #14 Note: the kisses don't have to be good… just memorable. Pretty sure this one made me cringe!

  • ssoph

    #8… that is not even close to a kiss!😦

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