Afternoon eye candy: Hot redheads! (24 photos)


Do you know someone that is HMOTB worthy? Click SUBMIT to send their pic! BERRY love, Emily

  • @ChantelleHoski1

    What about Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire? That's ONE HOT GINGER!

  • Kate

    Can't believe no one has commented about #2 yet… he's stunning!

    Him and #12. Like, all day long. ^_^

  • t.m.

    #20 ! yes yes!

  • bdiz

    good ginger god in heaven above. such babes. best eye candy post ever. pleeeeease post more red headed boys

  • RedNinja

    Where is Josh Homme?!?!! FAIL!!!!

  • mandy


  • Noel

    That WOAH moment when you realize you know someone featured on theBerry!! #14

  • Alyssa

    #18 mmm Ed :D

  • Natalia

    MY OH MY! Red heads are my FAVORITE. So amazingly hot. #1 #10 #8 #12 #19…all of you, and the rest. Just…wow.

  • katastrophe89

    #1 and #20 please and thank you

  • Mnkstr

    #8 is and adult film star

  • dkci87

    wow #5! Ow ow

  • JeepLady

    #3 i <3 harry!
    #19 such a cutie!

    • JeepLady

      Whoops meant #18 lol

  • court

    wow those are some very handsome red heads.. lovin it.

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  • Lindsay

    #13 #15 #24 Le Swoon..I love gingers!!

  • Haley

    they are pale and full of freckles and red eyelashes …Gross

  • Stacey

    Finally!! A dating site for redheads!!! I am in Heaven!! javascript:insertSmileyNewThread("<3");

  • pintlover

    Didn't think it was possible for redhead guys to look good, but I must say, some of these are HOT!

  • rocklesson86

    I want a ginger head now.

  • Jenn

    Are #1 and #17 the same guy? And who is he!! I'm in love with #1

  • Virgiiniiadelia

    I seriously just died. Of happiness. Who are you?!

  • randomgirl

    we need micheal fassbender

  • CassieWyrick

    My husband is a ginger and I love it :) Some of these boys are hot!

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