Afternoon eye candy: Hot redheads! (24 photos)


Do you know someone that is HMOTB worthy? Click SUBMIT to send their pic! BERRY love, Emily

  • ThigWife

    There are so many I like….Great post today Berry….Yet #1 is it for me…<3

  • silverfire

    I hate to admit it but I do have a thing for Gingers… Don't tell my BF though… ;) Some real hotties here today!

  • heatharrgh

    I came in thinking "no no no no NO!" But #12 and #13 made me think "maaaaybe."

  • marschie

    #6 chest hair gone wrong.
    #8 chest hair done right!!!!!!!!

    • MHubach

      My ginger brother has NO chest hair. Lots of us gingers have little or no chest, leg, arm, underarm hair…no shaving legs for me.

    • rocklesson86

      Not every girl like this one right here likes chest hair. I like a a cleans shaven body minus the facial hair.

  • nattyann

    YESSSSSS. I LOVE GINGERS! Thank you berry much!

  • Sarah

    This post made my heart sing. <3 Love gingers!

  • Polska

    #9 Very sexy

  • gloria

    Ummm yeah, I'll take #1 with a side of #13 please and thank you :D

  • RedHotChivette

    I've always said gingers should never get together, cause it's a waste of talent, but I would not even hesitate for some of these guys. WOWZERS!

    • katastrophe89

      They shouldn't get together cuz it's a waste of talent?…I don't get it.

      • RedHotChivette

        Gingers are very rare, very special creatures. Two of them shouldn't share that together, they should spread the ginger love with the world.


  • Ginger

    #11 WAY TO REPRESENT THE GINGERS!! I'm a ginger and am not usually attracted to other gingers but I've never met one that looks like this!!


      Same here from another Ginger girl

  • erika

    Love me some gingers! Best eye candy post ever!!!

  • Luc

    And where´s Kevin McKidd?! :/

  • Marlies

    #14 Yes, please

  • the cake


  • DancingLawyer

    #21 and #9 hellloooooo!

  • Barbarella

    #5 please. Yum!

  • Anna

    Great post! Moar of #5! Cute and a hero! :)

  • BridgetEGraham

    Gimme #3 #10 #14 and #18. But where's my Macklemore?

  • erin

    I love the brooding gentlemen… Anyone know who they are? #15 #19 #22

  • verdant_waves

    #12 and #13 are my favorites.

  • Nicky

    Finally! It's about time there's a red head thread. Moar!

  • Steph

    #5 wow!!!! Please give me more of him. Those lips…..!

  • cbox73

    Where's Claude Giroux?!

  • Meg

    Great Post Berry….So many lady-boners for these fine Ginger Gentlemen :)

  • Angbot

    Oh yes. •homer drool•<3

  • itsallgood

    Gotta to say that my favorites are #17 wow ur eyes and #7 beautiful profile #5 gotta love a man in uniform

  • redheadchivette

    I'm a red head and totally love this!
    #9 – Find him and moar, please. :)

  • JustSaying

    Ohh my! I never thought gingers were so heavenly looking :3

  • Jen

    ewwww no….there is no such thing as a hot ginger….ewww

  • rach

    I love all of them! Gingers are so sexy!!

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