• aaa

    whats the point of this post?

    • LGG

      I was wondering the same thing. I prefer happy people.

    • mrshelderman

      I think it's funny. If you watch the show you know what trainwrecks some of these women are. A lot of them were voted off first or second date. It's a little dramatic!

  • xoxo

    #5 wow that's a bad wig
    #17 is a MANSCAPER!? I guess she waxes/trims men's parts all day. Who knew that was a job, I thought they did that occasionally as a waxer but not as a specialty.

    • Polska

      You're right – worst wig ever… Looks like it is from a Halloween store clearance bin.

  • Manscaper eh?


    Didn’t know that was a proffession

  • Tyler Rauch

    all i know is the last show had a chick from Bellevue ,WA who won or something and she was freaking amazing!! find her!

    • Alison

      Linzi Cox:)

  • socalmarti

    Well, I'm sufficiently terrified of society for this afternoon!!!

  • mrshelderman

    Oh I love #14 and #15. They both seemed to actually have brains in their heads.

    • aliyabear

      Then why were they on the show!!!!

      • mrshelderman

        Someone else is going to fly you around the world for free, you go on extravagent dates, wear fabulous clothes, and maybe get to be the next Bachelorette and do all this again surrounded by 20 hot guys? Oh and there is a chance you might find the love of your life? A slim chance, but a chance. I'll would take those odds if I hadn't already found him.

  • silverfire

    This show is terrible (and all shows like it…). Get a life and go meet people and quit crying about it already. I wish reality TV never happened.

    • Shelby

      "quit crying about it already"

  • dollybakerton

    #5 NICE HAIR

    • ThigWife

      She could have combed it out or something…..either way it is still a horrible wig

  • BridgetEGraham

    Is #5 a man in a wig?

  • Nic


    …Dina Lohan?

  • DeluciousD

    I really wish these were gifs. It'd be hilarious(er).

  • Biggest Fan

    For those who don't know the show, there was a spoof done on the internet called "Burning Love" and some of these ladies are actors from that miniseries, like the one with the bad wig and the manscaper. It's just a joke!!!!

  • CassieWyrick

    Actually the manscaper chick was from Brad's season. She wasn't the from Burning Love, which was hilarious by the way.

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