• Alberta

    #33 LOVE this show….. and I didnt expect to. Thanks goodness for Netflix

    • katie

      what show is this?

      • Sara

        Raising Hope. It is amazing!:)

    • katastrophe89

      Definitely one of my favorite shows.

  • erin

    #20 NOT OK, people. NOT OK.

    • Sophie

      its a joke.. with a doll! get real, this is HILARIOUS!

      • Lauren

        I thought it was hilarious too!

  • zillyzallie

    #5 You see that tippy-tip bottom of the heart/Texas? That's where I live.

    • Ronn!e

      Me too (:

    • adri


      • adri

        i ment to put i do too but i dont know what happend

  • foo

    #4 #10

  • Kelly P

    #3 MOAR please! (*with the scruff) =D

    • Katie

      My exact thoughts! You look 100xs better with scruff, Mr. Cute Army Man!😉

  • Shelby

    MOAR #3

  • _Alisha_

    #23 … probably the hottest thing i've seen in my life❤

  • Hannah831

    #15 is soooooo attractive!!

  • Sarah

    #15 – I am in love with you. Just fyi.

  • xoxo

    Damn crazy eyes #3

  • xoxo

    #27 no just no. There is nothing to keep you from tripping and falling to your death.

  • bluenotebetty

    #20 – Oh HELL no.

    #29 Mind blown.

  • Lucy

    #15 such a cute gesture (and a cute man, too):)

  • EmJay

    #3 Those eyes….

  • Sonia

    #27 What happens when the ball falls off?

  • airbornegf

    BERRY make a shirt with #5 if you can please!!!!!!

  • Dancinglawyer

    #3 keep the facial hair we dig it!

  • ThigWife

    I am all about #8…where???

    • Atomic912

      This would be me! I was in Germany last weekend and went for a three liter beer haha

      • Stephanie Lopez

        Josef…bahahaha making it to the berry…aye aye aye. "Dad" would be so proud of you

  • amber_elisabeth

    #32 I tried scrolling down for moar but it didn't work. Moar without the mask?!

  • xoxo

    Wondered over to The Chive and clicked on the Daily Afternoon Randomness, while the funny pictures were funny, I saw enough women's asses to last a while. I realized why I stopped looking at pictures on The Chive.

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Yup, same here. And most people who comment on there are either assholes or biatches. I've stuck to theBerry for quite a while now because of that; and not being interested in boobs and ass, haha.

      • Mandy

        Exactly. I looked at the chive for a while but the porn on that site was excessive.

  • Cathy

    #18 Chatty Man! I love that man! And minaj wasn't actually that bad on the show either

    • Abbey

      Alan Carr is hilarious !! He's like the male Ellen !

  • Sammy

    #3, I'll take you either way😉 those eyes make me melt!

  • http://twitter.com/ashleighmferris @ashleighmferris

    #15 I am a little bit in love!

  • katastrophe89

    #27 what happens when the ball goes out of bounds?

    • Ari214

      Let's hope those kids don't have to fetch those…

  • shannon lee

    #5 love thst my cali is in my south west where it belongs and MI is right in the top where it belongs.

    #40 find him❤

    • Minty

      Agree, find #40!

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