• Sade

    #25 Of all the awkward pics, this one stood out. ._. Bleh.

  • mrshelderman

    She's probably drunk in #24. She admitted that she has to drink before public appearances to calm her nerves. She's my kinda lady!

  • nicki

    Hate to say it, but when that movie came out, i wanted, and still want that ring…we can ditch the makeup though..

    • foo

      acid burn

  • friedapaula

    #9 #27 #32
    Love the Doctors!
    Is that Jennifer Garner??

    • Sonia

      Totally agree, and yes that is her! I'm surprised, too. She never did anything sexual that I know of. Alias was as sexy as she got.

  • socalmarti

    Where's Britney and her dorky faces? LOL!

  • gloria

    lol this was a great post…and yea, is #15 Jennifer Garner? woah

  • http://twitter.com/resullins @resullins

    #29 She does a really great Derp face. And seriously, the 90's weren't kind to anyone.

    • TwinCitiesGirl

      Who do you think this is?

    • CassieWyrick

      This is Emma Watson. . . she wasn't even born until the 90s.

  • Kirsti

    #2 BARF. This is so awkward and gross.

  • xoxo

    #1 does anyone find him attractive?
    #28 is Sandra sucking the soul out of Meryl?

    • Lanolin

      SHE'S A DEMENTOR!!!!

  • bluenotebetty

    #2 #15 #20
    All made me uncomforatble! yikes.

  • Beiny

    Emma, Why u make Troll Face?

  • justlilolme

    #22 kind of funny that Beyonce is in the back

  • Jules

    #12 He used to be hot! #17 This is so ridiculous, there are no words!!

  • lani_berry

    #31. Still hot! Still want him!

  • seinna

    #30 Jensen makes awkward sexy just a reminder berry you can never have too much of that man

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