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  • Jordana


    Ohhhh my. I love Matthew Gubler.

  • MissVega84

    #15 I stopped on this pic for longer then I should have

  • Jacinta

    Is #18 Buddy Holly? All that musical talent and that good looking? Unfair.

  • Jazzy

    #5 FTW!! Find him PLEASE!!!!

  • Me.

    #1 looks very familiar. Should I know who he is

    • Me.

      He looks like Joe Dinicol who plays Nick in The LA Complex but I'm not sure if it's him.

    • Ann Haïs

      He is an actor, Jay Baruchel :

      • Me.

        Thank You.

  • Elle

    Berry please for the love of all that is nerdy, find #5

  • Annie

    Yessssss!!!!!!!!! Nerds.

    #14 is amazing

  • Jess

    #19 is beautiful. Also please find #13 so I can marry him.

  • julie

    #3 Adam Brodddyyyyy!!!!! XD

  • Monica

    He's so cute #1

  • Thea

    Ahhh! Nearly had a heart attach when I saw Super Junior's Donghae there at #11 ! He's such a dork and really sweet in person!

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