• foo

    do you mean 1999?

    • lemon

      Didn't look right to me either.

    • Alberta

      I didnt even notice lol

    • Ashley

      Definitely 1999.

    • Eye.candy

      it's like somebody took all the fat from her and moved it to Leo😄

  • zillyzallie

    #9 A bit heteronormative.

    • Anna

      oh no, not that!

    • Chris

      Take that shite and shove it.

    • doerteee

      It really is. =/
      It's such a cute idea, they should make other versions too.

  • dollybakerton

    jk but seriously, you're a babe.

    • Ian

      Hahahaha. Thank you!

      • dollybakerton

        Love me some furriness! Fack these hairless joes; you're a looker dude.

        • http://twitter.com/THEPR1MET1ME @THEPR1MET1ME

          And again, thank you.:) Makes me never want to shave again.

          • @amber_elisabeth

            Damn!! and a Deftones shirt! Count me in!

          • dollybakerton

            dont shave; no one's ever cut them selves bearding!! it's just safer to have a beard.

    • JayMC

      dollybakerton – funny and well said

    • Tiffany

      this guy looks like maxnosleeves.

  • Irish Ali

    I stared at #10 for far too long….

    • Katie

      Same here!

    • dkellyb

      And we're one step closer to picking a lock😀

  • Sonia

    #27 Where can I get this?

    • Moseph

      Not sure. But, I'm a little sad that the hands on 11 and 12, aren't facing the other direction.

  • lol

    Please make Miley Cyrus go away…

  • mia

    #40 looked at this waaay to long

    • B. Davs

      Au contraire, no amount of time could be 'too long' here.

    • Chivette_69

      just made my day!

  • katastrophe89

    #19 there's no WAY these pictures are three years apart. Has to be a typo.

  • Kyle

    By sheer chance, I just watched that while George Michael's Fantasy was playing. I can't recall ever experiencing a gayer moment. It was AWESOME!

  • Amy

    More #2 please and thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/StarryEyed726 @StarryEyed726

    #24 Beard + Tattoos = Love

  • Tx State Chivette

    Moar, please. You are one sexy man.

    #26 Made me laugh.

  • Liz

    #19 was 1998/9

  • PicklesMcGee

    #5 THAT is incredible!

  • Keira

    If #37 is who I think it is she graduated from my HS two years ahead of me…she's quite funny

  • Shelby

    #24 looks like Maxnosleeves.

  • socalmarti

    #12 I sincerely hope she's doind the Mad Max re-make, if not she needs an intervention by a stylilist!!!

  • gigly_grl

    I feel wrong, is #40 even legal age???

  • Bitt3rsw33t

    #2 ….my background…

  • Rikki

    Holy Moly #2 amazing!!!!! Moar please:) #26 hilarious and also #25

  • Minty

    #6 nailed it!

  • Lenore

    Nice shirt, nice face #24

  • Crush

    #26….did he really say that? hilarious if he did….even funnier if he laughed that hard at his own joke…..Hugh you da man!

  • http://twitter.com/brandihaugen Brandi

    She looks way better; he looks old.

  • pea123

    #24 MOAR please:)

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