• katastrophe89

    #21 is cute lol

  • Erin

    #23 I just got one of these shirts from lulu and I love it! They're so comfy and cute.

  • Katie

    #21 You go mommas!!

  • Sarah

    #8 – Do you think the ultra-conservative mutual fund company I work for would care if I dropped down right now and, in my business clothes, did athlete's planks? No? HERE I GO THEN!

  • PicklesMcGee

    #24 ugh sleeping well is my downfall… I just can't fall asleep at night and I typically wake a few times during the night… it's very annoying:-/

    • Eisencrest

      Same, I've always had issues falling asleep. I recommend downloading a relaxation app if you have a smartphone. My fav is Andrew Johnson. He's an expert in suggestive hypnotism and has an awesome Scottish accent. I was skeptical at first but his 'Deep Sleep' recording seriously knocks me out almost instantly. I've never heard the end of it, that's how crazy-good it is. Just be sure you have time to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep, because I've slept through my alarm before because of it, lol.

      • PicklesMcGee

        oh my gosh seriously?? I am def going to get his app asap!! Thanks!:-)

  • Cassandra

    #21 – It's really nice to see mommas in your daily motivation. A nice little reminder you can be active as well when you aren't able to go as hard as most:)

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