Morning coffee (39 photos)

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  • Karen

    #11 – I noticed that a long time ago, and it always skeeves me out.

  • Rex

    #32 I work at a bank and this is literally what we use! I have come to hate small talk with a passion. Do I actually care what you're doing this weekend?…nope. All I care about is that clock saying five o'clock. Sorry for my cynicism, but I can't wait until I get a job where I'm not forced to forge conversations.

  • Abbey

    #6 is the funniest thing i've seen a while . ROFL

  • lalalena

    Is #12 Phil of the future?

  • elise

    #38 Congrats! You are amazing! I'm working toward that myself

    • nik

      yep, I am working on recovery as well. KUDOS to your mom! thats awesome!

  • Ahalfyard

    Does anyone know who the artist is? In love with this pic and would like to see more

  • bostonbabe

    #23 He is not good looking at all. Why, Berry, why? Is it because you feel the need to put random black guys on here so your site doesn't come across as racist? If that is the case, then at LEAST throw in random black guys who ACTUALLY LOOK GOOD. Come on now… He's disgusting.

    • dara

      You are a horrible human.

      Oh wait, I guess you are the person that gets to say what the rest of us finds attractive? Well then, I guess I have to bow to your wisdom and guidance.

  • Sophie


  • Katebecks

    Kristen Stewart does as well but to a lesser degree (and the other front tooth)

  • Jess

    #35 is so cool!

  • CassieWyrick

    Awwww to #14, #17, and #18!

  • Chaapai

    #4 the catering company I work for does this. People love it. We do graham crackers and Hershey bars on the station next to it. People go crazy for it.

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