Once a cheater…. (11 photos)

  • caroline

    I don't condone cheating and every person here is a scumbag but in #1 Brad Pitt's case, he actually made an upgrade. He became a better person, invested a lot of money, time, and energy to charity and various noble causes, and genuinely seems 100x happier with Angelina. Sometimes you can't deny yourself from true love

    • Jules

      Perhaps he did become a better man, but there is a right way and wrong way to do something. He could've at least divorced Jennifer then moved on with Angelina instead of breaking his vows. Does no one taking marriage seriously any more??

      • Sade


    • ale

      Cheating make u a better person???… He could have divorced first, then run to do whatever he wanted to do with Angelina. True love my ass.

    • Ari214

      He made an upgrade?? So you're saying Angelina is a better person than Jennifer Aniston? How so? And fine, even if it was true love, they didn't have to do that W Magazine spread which was in really poor taste.

    • madamecursorla

      Apparently you DO condone cheating, that is if the new person is an "upgrade".

    • Ryumegami

      No upgrade there.. Isn't she on the second or third guy that is at least ten years older than her and isn;t she just sucking the life an good looks out of this one too.. When he gets too haggard she will toss him out like old garbage… He doesn't look better he looks wasted away. She is a succubus, yes that means she sucks the life out of unsuspecting men when she draws them in…. Eewww!

  • katastrophe89

    #7 I had no idea

    • http://twitter.com/sbluesailor @sbluesailor

      It was only rumors, so if we were going to count him, we would have to count every other celeb that has allegedly cheated according to the tabloids. And also, #8 , Dennis Quaid was cheating on Meg Ryan too (according to her)

  • Ronn!e

    #1 gruesome twosome

  • katie

    Team Jennifer!

  • kate

    #1 She also broke up Billy Bob Thornton's engagement to Laura Dern.

  • Emily

    #11…forgive me…but IS there a classy way to cheat?

  • Liz Lemon

    #1 BBT's relationship with Laura Dern…. HE admitted that HE was the one that did all that. He told AJ that they weren't together anymore. HE lied that time. As for Brad Pitt. Does anyone else remember both Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt saying that they'd been separated for almost a year before he did Mr. and Mrs. Smith? The media LOVES to make things out to be more than they are and it seems that AJ is a good target.

    Unfortunately, all the rest of them openly admitted to cheating on their S/O, so they have no real excuse here.

    • socalmarti

      What have your been reading,also Laura Dern is probably THE last person in Hollywood to lie or make stuff up!

      • ddd

        Liz said BBT was the one who lied, not Laura Dern. I would assume she had no idea what BBT told AJ. Personally I've always been team Angelina. Jen Aniston back tracks her story too much. (they were happy, they were separated, who even knows or cares anymore) BP and AJ have a solid relationship now and the past is the past.

        • Ashley

          Yeah, and Jen is much happier with Justin now than I think she ever was with BP.

  • Sarah

    #4 – Well… yeahhhh but he's Arnold, so…
    #8 – Dennis Quaid, Russell Crowe… why choose when you can have both?

    All kidding aside, I do not condone cheating. Having said that, the fact that these celebrities have cheated on their significant others does nothing to further, ruin, or otherwise affect my life. So I don't care. It is sad, though, that their personal mistakes are broadcast to the world and then they're branded with them. I guess that's the price you pay as a celebrity.

    • Kait

      Well said. While I don't condone cheating either,I don't believe that celebrities personal lives really need to be aired. I don't see what there is to gain from it. And some can argue that "they chose that lifestyle, they should deal with the consequences." However, that doesn't make it anymore ok.

  • justlilolme

    "once a cheater always a cheater" why not give some of these people the benefit of the doubt first….and let them at least cheat more than once before throwing them under the bus? people make mistakes, and SOME actually learn from them.

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Cheating is not a mistake. A mistake is something you don't know is wrong until after you do it. People know cheating is wrong and still choose to do it, so therefore it is not a mistake. You don't have to be in a relationship, so if you want to date or screw someone else, leave the one you're with first.

      • Lala

        Hahahaha!!! Thanks for the laugh. Did you even read what you typed before submitting this nonsense. Yikes

    • NDStars

      Nothing stopped them from cheating the first time. What's going to stop them from doing it again?

  • socalmarti

    #1 They could rescue every child in the world but what are their ethics really saying? It's ok to hurt and cheat people for sex? I've never really liked of respected them after this. And I truly beleive #5 and #9 are sociopaths who are dead inside.

  • GuestA

    Take Meg Ryan of this list and add her ex Quaid as the Cheater, please. Everyone knows by now he cheated on her for several years with a lot of young women in the late nineties. She left him before she hooked up with Crowe. Heck, Quaid just ruined his third marriage because he just kept on cheating on wife #3 too!

  • melina

    Well look at all these nun's, philanthropist's, and superheroes. First of all, a man just doesn't cheat. A good amount of these people look like they weren't at the top of their game when they were younger. They're famous, rich, and their status is known. I strongly doubt a good amount of men in that position wouldn't take advantage. There are exceptions but this is reality. As for the Angelina thing. It's ridiculous to make "ethics" claims! Those two have done more for charity and entertainment than we do with our change during Christmas. Last I checked Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston weren't committing suicide or living in squalor. As long as there are "scorned" women who can't get over the past, there will still be terrible films and Friends reruns to put money in Aniston's pocket. She got a guy to put up with her, she seems over it. You know, until there's some rom/com she has to promote. Angelina and Brad are good together, have done good together, and anyone playing Pious when cheating is involved are obviously lying to themselves or are someone who was terribly hurt and can't get over it. There are people dying in third world countries and cheating is what makes people comment and get riled up. It's an entertainment website. Get off your high horse!

    • Ashley

      "As long as there are "scorned" women who can't get over the past, there will still be terrible films and Friends reruns to put money in Aniston's pocket. She got a guy to put up with her, she seems over it. You know, until there's some rom/com she has to promote." You're obviously an AJ-BP fan from that remark. No worries, JA's contribution to charities is legend and she's far happier & in love than she ever was with BP so it's all good. Btw, she wouldn't care what you thought of her, she's living her life whilst you're on here commenting on hers.

      • Linda

        I don't think he was a fan just stating that most people in their shoes would probably do the same thing. You just jumped to that fan conclusion without even looking at the info. Scorned woman or not both parties have moved on and you just wanted to start drama with that sassy little comment lol.

      • Tom

        You seem so angry and hurt almost that he stated something that all people tend to do sometimes. Have you been cheated on?? Are you friends with Aniston and know her life??? Don't think so. You pretty much just attacked him calling him a fan automatically when he simply stated a point. You don't know Aniston IRL so don't go around calling people so called fans when they just spoke about point. Simple minded people astound me with their lack of reading and interpretation skills.

  • Kate

    #1 If I had the choice between Angelina and Jennifer Aniston, I'd pick Angelina too..

    • Linda

      The team Jennifers are just flocking amok with downvotes😄.

  • justlilolme

    interesting how so many are talking like they know the details of the inner workings of these celebrity's love lives, and feel they can cast judgment on people they don't actually know. It's annoying when family members meddle in your life right? imagine total strangers.

    • Hepburn3

      good point.

  • Hepburn3

    What about Jennifer Anniston taking her now boyfriend away from the woman he was living with??
    Why does no one mention or remember that?
    I do not think cheating is right but what makes one person doing it worse than another's?

  • MissVega84

    mo' money mo' problems

  • me2

    #7 I still think that Ashton and Demi had an open marriage. There were stories…
    I think she probably didn't want to know the gory details and when his hook-ups talked to the press she was embarrassed and had to save face.
    She announced a separation and probably hoped that after a cooling off period that they could get back together, She never did file for divorce and what was it, something like a year after they split HE"S the one to file, not her the one who was "betrayed".
    I think Demi was of the mindset that she was going to do whatever she had to do to keep her younger hubby happy. It wouldn't surprise me if the open marriage was her idea. Rumor has it that she liked to occasionally hook up with the ladies, so….

    • ashley

      Stop making up lies just because you don't like her. Asston is annoying & very immature, she should never have got involved with him. The devastation she displayed after he was found out couldn't possibly have involved an "open" marriage.

  • kelly

    I´m sick of people talking about AJ And BP. Leave these people alone! please! Stop making comments about everything they do and compare to JA! please!!!!!

  • izzy

    People cheat. Who cares? No one is perfect and no relationship is either.

  • westward ho

    poor meg ryan put up with dennis quaid's serial cheating for years. he was legendary for it in hollywood. she finally had enough, turned to someone else, and SHE gets castigated for it. pffft.

  • Carrie

    Jessie James did NOT cheat with a "supermodel" he cheated with a skanky ass bitch. I'm not saying that because of the tattoos, I have MANY many tattoos myself. She was just a gutter slut and the furthermost thing from a supermodel !!

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