• dkellyb

    #7 Ghent…! That city is the love of my life❤

    • MandyM

      Bruges is also pretty amazing!:)

      • dkellyb

        I'm probably biased since I lived in Ghent for 6 years (college/uni) and only visited Bruges for a few short trips, but I found Bruges to be too focussed on tourism. Which in turn made the people working/living there much less enjoyable. Ghent has a much more authentic feel to me… But as I said, I'm probably biased😉

        And also, Ghent has the Ghent festivities which people are not supposed to advertise for, because it's already too massively visited every year, but… Yeah, those are awesome too😀

  • judy

    #3 & #5 = cool & true

  • katastrophe89

    #3 I wish I had thought of that

  • Ronn!e

    #6 awwwww (:

    • kait

      I'm right there with you….

  • PicklesMcGee

    I don't understand #8….

    • Sarah

      You're not supposed to. But what's interesting to me is… if she has already decided WHEN she will forgive her sister… it seems to me she already has, even if she won't admit it.

      • PicklesMcGee

        Yeah but by her saying "it's coming soon" makes it sound like she (the sister who wrote it) is going to do something. In which case why would she (the sister who wrote it) need to forgive the sister who she's writing to? If she's the one doing something? I'm still confused… lol :-p

        • smustysgirl

          Maybe she's saying her sister's karma is coming and then after her sister feels as bad as she does then she'll forgive her.

  • Logette

    #4 http://www.go-girl.com/
    You're welcome.

  • JenPen

    #2 Me too. Why would any women want to be treated is such a way that is so demeaning? Not a rhetorical question, I really would like to know…

    • Tara

      Some women get turned on by the thought of being hancuffed or tyed up, but in just the sexual way. Not in the relastionship. Thats why some women like it because its the kinky sex, with a woman that wont submit in the relationship but compermise.

    • nationaltowelday

      I don't have an answer for why I find it fun, but makes me sad is that everyone is so judgmental towards people who like this. Now I feel bad about it.
      Live and let live, people

    • Wisti

      I haven't read it but it makes me sad because from what I've heard it isn't true portreyal of those of us who are ACTUALLY into BDSM. I don't understand why a woman would want to be coddled like a child for the rest of her life. It turns us on while your boring sweet stuff does nothing but ruin the mood. To each their own but I'll be dominant in life so long as I can be submissive, get beaten, have scars etc from the bedroom. You can be submissive in life and I'll look down on you.

  • merpu

    #9 she wants all her friends and family to die?

    • k8♥

      … haha. yeah, this one is dumb. I'm a fan, but I definitely like my loved ones and don't want them to die in terrible ways. Her life must be boring as hell.

  • xoxo

    #3 I've spent holidays by myself many times. It's actually quiet nice.

  • Anonymous

    maybe it’s something her sister is goingtheough that she already went through and he’ll forgive her for how she acts through it.

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