• doerteee

    #24 is beautiful.

  • Not Me

    #19 6:50AM Got mine done!!

    • Eisencrest

      4pm for me! It's too slippery here when it's still dark out. :c

  • socalmarti

    #6 This workout will definently make you scream and shout!!!

    • Erin

      Just finished it… 100 is a lot, haha

  • Jodie

    Ill take #2 as my motivator also, please.

  • gina

    #16 whoa, girl! you are hot:) great work!!

    • cycy

      this girl is amazing! she coached me into getting my fitness on & inspires me daily… i send her my workout routines & let her know when i hit goals….she's always calling me a beast & telling me how proud she is but now I AM PROUD OF HER😀 oh & she's the reason i read theberry.com daily❤ yay!

    • Brittany McManus

      that means the world to me Gina! THank you!

  • mimi

    #1 the only time i've lost weight is when i've ate lots and lots of salad and i always felt hungry:/
    i need a better menu

    • MontanaGirl76

      I'm the same way but then I found putting in the work on the one or two days off makes eating healthy filling foods more attainable. I cook on one day off all the stuff for the week so I can throw it together and stay on track. I eat like 8 times a day and never feel hungry when I do that. Lots of soups, salad, chicken, turkey and water. Cutting out Coke was HELL! Once I did I saw my largest loss. YOU CAN DO IT I know you can!

    • Eisencrest

      I suggest eatingwell.com!! I get a ton of my recipes from there and they have nutrition/calorie info for all of them, so you can really tailor your menu to what you're looking for.

    • Jen

      high protein diet! lots of chicken!

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  • sydney

    make sure you put some for of protein in your salads. if all you eat is lettuce and little tid bits of other things you will always feel hungry. Chicken, turkey, eggs, things like that!:-)

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