Morning coffee (39 photos)


Hi all! We're celebrating MLK day. We'll be back in full force tomorrow. Wishing everyone the very best!
BERRY love,

  • caroline

    #11 wise beyond his years

  • Kat

    I think Vsauce can answer your question here, Philosoraptor:

    • jane doe

      I love Vsauce.

    • pippin

      GREEN :D

  • sushishef

    #1 – my lovely hometown (and a block away from my place) St. John's Newfoundland

    • Shelley Hippern

      This pic makes me home sick. St. John's rocks!

    • Kassie

      My dad's family is from Topsail, makes me want to go back so bad!

    • Shay

      I knew that was St. John's but I wasn't sure if the berry would post our beautiful province =)

    • maxbrace82

      that is just down the street from my grandparents house. I knew it as soon as i seen it.

      • Holly

        I did a double take! Didn't expect to see just down the road :)

  • aprilmaybruhl

    #32 I'd have to pick the older one.

  • Maureen

    #37 – NOOOOO! Real men don't wear onesies. Ever! It's just wrong!

    • mrshelderman

      Real men have a sense of humor and are confident enough to have fun with themselves!

    • ale

      Ryan Gosling, can put anything on and still will be hot.

    • pippin

      real men have fun on the ellen show :)

    • doerteee

      "real" men come in all shapes, sizes, colors and clothes, just like "real" women. and they can all wear whatever the hell they want.

    • CassieWyrick


  • Crush

    #6….fucking awesome.

    • piggyback

      ummmm, you could have said something other than the eff word. Utilize your brain, don't just use run of the mill vulgarity. It's lame-o.

      • BeccaSkips

        You're lame-o for actually using the term lame-o, you big silly lame-o. LoL Sorry, couldn't resist. Honestly though, I would probably recommend not reading comments if you're that easily offended :-)

    • madamecursorla

      I want to go to there. Also piggyback is right.

  • Hazel

    #32 James – No contest

  • Chipsnhow

    #32 Dave everytime

  • judy

    #32 – i'll go with top. younger

  • Bethany

    #12 I adore Ed Sheeran!! His lyrics are genius.

    • Proud Sheerio

      Yay! Ed Sheeran! I was thinking the same exact thing. He truly is the epitome of an undiscovered gem!

  • mrshelderman

    #32 I will not choose and you can't make me!

  • VC98

    #8 yes he does #24 sad thing is I dont even feel like explaining them to others so I just laugh alone

  • Julie

    #32….can I just be the filling in that sammich?

    • MigraineBoy

      Sure, no problem. Just don't come complaining when you can't sit down properly for a couple of days.

  • Mel

    #32 Don't tell me what to do, Berry!

  • Kayla

    #37…. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES. This is beautiful. (I have such a thing for hooded onesies.)

  • Daisy

    #37 works it. Smoken' hot no mater what he has on. Also: Ellen rules!

  • Eisencrest

    #34 – Marlon!! <3

  • Heather709

    #1 Is from my beautiful hometown St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. What a nice surprise!

  • Alicia

    Can't turn my back on Freaks and Geeks.
    #32 James

  • Kelsey

    #8 …. oh yes he does <3

  • LGG

    Lovin #3! and #23 :)

  • Rachel

    #32 can it be a 2 for 1?

  • jaxs

    #31 damn black guys can wear anything..

    • Melanie G.

      I was gonna knock on this outfit, but it grew on me the longer I was trying to pick it apart.

  • April C

    #25 :( Poor stephan.

  • frsca88

    #28 LOL, and he looks twelve years old.

    • wvgal

      No way… he's at LEAST twelve and a half! Give the kid a break already. HaHa Still adorable though :-)

  • Arlene

    #32 Franco mmm mm and #37 YES!!

  • Sade

    #32 James!!

  • BounceAround

    I want #3…. and why is #6 an English sentence but "zwembalkons" is Dutch? I see why it is that… since a pool is zwembad in Dutch, but why isn't it just a pool balcony?

  • CassieWyrick

    #6 is the best ever! And #37 shows why I watch Ellen every day :)

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