• Muppet

    #1, #13 Holy mother of wow.. I'm in love.

  • http://amodelsmemo4u.wordpress.com/ Heather Lynn

    I'll take #11 #22 #29 puhlease!! And #Berries! Show those hot faces! Lol. But yeah, can I have all 3? Possibly?😉

  • Kristin

    #42 – find him!

  • shelbyslt

    #1 #12 #29 #40 are yummy!

  • Jen

    #40 is so fucking hot. RAWR!

  • Laney

    #1 Very. VERY. Attractive! You may be the cutest guy I've ever seen! Exactly my type!:)

  • Rose

    Holy #29!!!!

  • Leigh

    #27 Gotta give some props to a HMOTB and a guy who knows great baseball!

    #39 Hello my friend! and you handsome devil!😉

    • A Y

      Well Leigh, appreciate the compliment but I feel you like the sticker more than I. Ha. That sticker was left behind by the guy I replaced in Afghanistan. Although I do like Boston (and the Sox). Went to Fenway last year over the 4th of July to watch them play the evil empire (Yankees) and check out the fireworks/sites around town. The current picture is after I shaved my beard and trimmed my hair. I was in a previous HMOTB that shows me pretty rough (http://theberry.com/2012/12/14/afternoon-eye-candy-hmotb-military-edition-71-photos/). I'm number 40 in that post. Pretty nappy all around.

      • Leigh

        Haha – both are very appealing!😉 Fenway is amazing I am hoping to visit again this season. If you are still in Afghanistan you need a little additional KCCO! My brother is there now and I can't wait for him to get back! Nappy are not you are still a very handsome guy and HMOTB worthy for sure!

        • A Y

          Ha, well that sticker was left behind by the guy who I replaced. I left some Longhorn paraphernalia behind to leave my mark. I'm not in Afghanistan now, but will be going very very soon again. Nothing but the best for your brother and hope he stays safe so he can come home to be reunited with your family again. Thanks again Leigh.

          – AY

          • Leigh

            You can't go wrong with a little burnt orange now and then! I am sorry to hear you have to return but like I tell my brother – be strong, brave and the only thing you'll be leaving in Afghanistan is hard work and sweat! Keep your head down and gun up!

            KCCO and safe travels~!

            • A Y

              Damn right sista. Go horns! Ha. And no needs to worry about me. I enjoy going over there, been several times. As you can see with the hair I get to do some special things and have 'a little fun' on my terms. Although, thank you again and judging by the preview pic I will most certainly KCCO thinking of you. Take care Leigh.


    • supersport

      Thanks hon, XOXO!

      • Leigh


  • Kayla

    #7, #31, #37…. no particular order. Just have them delivered at my doorstep!

  • Stacy

    #16…all day, every single day!

  • Lulu

    Hellooooo #12 and #42

  • Minty

    #37 his little green camera made me giggle!

  • alexis

    yummy yummy # 44 #11 #42 #19 #29

  • Katie

    #16, #31 Oh herroooooo

  • gamerchick26

    #29 There is a first time for everything and you my dear are quite gorgeous:)

  • rocklesson86

    This is a very good post. I am sucker for the guys with the tattoos. I love them. It is extremely sexy when the guy has a tattoo on their pelvis.

  • lynn

    thank you for your service😉

  • bee

    oh wow!!

  • Katie :)

    #9 and #27….

    I want you right meoww❤

    • A Y

      Appreciate the compliment Ms. Katie…I'm about to work on that beard, hair and physique heading back overseas for a lil vacation.

  • http://twitter.com/marybeth0025 @marybeth0025

    #1, #12, #19, #27… Too many to count. Love it:)

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