• http://www.tumblr.com/jennisashark jennisashark

    I finally know what to get my boyfriend for Valentines Day!

  • RatedR401

    #31 – regular keyboard!

    • LGG

      those touchpad ones have one real downside: if you type "blind" and really fast, you 'll never know when your fingers have moved and may type the wrong letters… regular touchpads have a mark on the f and j button so you always know whether your fingers are still in the correct position… no ipad for me😉

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #38 By God, he's right!

  • Christina:)

    #31 regular keyboard, I like to feel the keys being pushed down

  • Lily

    #3 Uhhhh am I crazy or does that seems like a terrible idea. That's just asking for broken toes, feet and ankles!

  • Brittany

    19 is my baby girl!

    • guest

      * #19

  • FL_Chivette

    #31 an ergonomic touch screen key board!

  • KTmess

    #27 Oh Berry, you get me *sniff* you just really GET me!

  • Liz

    #5 She's really pretty but that skin of hers, YIKES!
    #21 is tooo cute.
    #31 Regular buttons for sure!
    #35 Like a boss!

    • JenPen

      That's a crappy thing to say about someone in a forum like this. Put yourself in her shoes for one second and check yourself. We need to love our fellow woman or else we are destroying ourselves from the inside.

      • Smurfy

        ^^ Thank you!

    • xoxo

      She's awesome with makeup though. I can't conceal anything properly.

    • mrshelderman

      Watch out girl you have angered the over sensitive police. Next your gonna start skinny/slut/fat/brownhair/curlyhair/stayathomemom shaming. How dare you.

    • LCT

      what the hell are you saying? "that skin of hers" is freckled! what do you want her to do… be like Jan Brady and rub lemon juice on her face? watch yourself

    • Stonethrower

      'Ugliness' on the outside is just that – on the outside.
      Yours comes from the inside.
      I'd much rather wake up with that beautiful young woman's outside than your inside. Anyday!


    where can i get #34!!?

  • madamecursorla

    #39 I know he's obnoxious but, I don't think I can help myself.

    • Heather

      Is this his only joke?

  • lala

    UMMMM…ewwww #32

    • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

      yeah wtf!?

  • student-tastic

    #5 You are beautiful with and without make-up!!:)

    • JenPen

      Yes she is!

  • Kath

    #37 MOAR please!

    • Alessia


  • Anna

    Is that Richie Whitla? #20

  • carm

    #5 I want to know what eyeshadow she used!

  • ChivetteSally

    #5 What kind of sorcery is this?!!? Beautiful!!!

  • Sarah


  • maria

    i think the mother of god from #3 should really be under #5

  • Stef

    what is #25 from?

    • pnut

      blue valentine

  • Rachel

    #32 da fuck…

  • katastrophe89

    #5 wooooow

  • jerkoff

    #5 i wouldnt wanna wake up to that in the morning

    • AstroMikeDexter

      How convenient. Good luck getting anything to wake up next to you.

    • Surfaz

      Jerkoff…your name says it all…definite thumbs down to you.

  • tkk

    #31 Normal keyboard please!!

    am i the only one that misses regular keyboards on smartphones?

  • Sinead

    #1 Oh Grafton Street!! I'm homesick for Dublin😦

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